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Irish migrant fisher workers’ scheme overrides human rights

Four United Nations human rights officials have strongly criticised the British Government’s scheme governing protection and labour rights for migrant fishermen from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The letter focuses on modern forms of racism, slavery and on trafficking in persons.

Six fisheries observers disappeared in Pacific in recent years

British charity Human Rights at Sea published its latest report on the disappearances and deaths of fisheries observers and related crew in the Pacific region, highlighting troubling trends and a lack of support at sea, as well as insufficient protections for fisheries observers.

HRAS investigates cases of missing fishers at sea

Human Rights at Sea announced that it expands its global flagship programme to include investigation and recording of missing fishers at sea cases. The updated and re-titled ‘Missing Seafarers and Fishers Reporting Programme’ is a reflection of the increasing scope of the charity’s flagship programme established in January 2014 originally focused on identifying missing seafarers.

Seafarers charity calls for targeted effort to combat human trafficking

With World Fisheries Day approaching on November 21 and the media spotlight on human trafficking in fishing, seafarers charity Apostleship of the Sea urges there is need to tackle sea ports and fishing ports which have been identified as vulnerable transit points in the smuggling and trafficking chain.


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