fire onboard

Watch: Major fire destroys luxury yacht in Dubrovnik

In the morning hours of 7 September, the Maltese-flagged luxury yacht ‘Kanga’ suffered a major fire while off the cruise port of Dubrovnik, Croatia, with nine crew members and four passengers onboard. Initial reports suggest an electrical failure triggered the fire. 

Watch: Missile explodes on German frigate during exercise

The video depicts the German frigate ‘Sachsen’ suffering a missile explosion last week, during a training exercise off Norway, which resulted in minor injury of two crew members. ‘FGS Sachsen’ was operating with ‘FGS Lübeck’ near the Arctic Circle when it attempted to fire a Standard Missile 2 Block IIIA as part of the exercise.

Watch: The fire that two IMO-awarded pilots faced in Houston

A new video released online depicts the magnitude of the danger that two Houston Pilots encountered after their ship broke down and burst into flames, following collision with mooring dolphins. The two pilots, Captain McGee and Captain Phillips, were the receivers of the IMO’s Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 2017, in July.

Watch: Fire flows at Indonesian Barito River

The video depicts a fire that erupted in the Barito River, south Kalimantan, Indonesia, in the early morning hours of 25 May. According to initial information, an oil spill caused the flow of the fire to spread into the river, damaging several ships that were berthed at the time.

Watch: Fishing vessel on fire near California

The US Coast Guard is coordinating fuel removal and salvage operations for a fishing vessel that caught fire near Eureka. The case started Wednesday morning, when a crewmember from the distressed fishing vessel ‘Midori’ contacted another fishing vessel ‘Charlie D’, via cell phone, to report a fire aboard.