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EMSA issues final report of the Firesafe Study

EMSA’s Firesafe study focuses on electrical fire as ignition risk and fire extinguishing failure, after consultation with experts from Maritime Administrations and Accident Investigation Bodies. The study showed that approximately 30% of fires on ro-ro passenger ships originate on the vehicle deck and 90% of these, in the cargo being transported.

How to minimize the risk from ro-ro fires

Roll-on-roll-off vessels and car carriers are twice as likely to catch fire as other ships and vehicle-deck fires are notoriously difficult to contain and put out. Therefore, the North P&I Club has published a new loss prevention briefing on how to prevent, detect and fight fires onboard such vessels.

UK Club says most onboard fires originate in the engine room

Engine room fires are one of the most common fires on ships owing to the presence of a wide range of sources of fuel, sources of ignition and running machinery. An extended period of time onboard a ship without a fire incident can lead to complacency and a failure to prioritise fire prevention measures and simulated fire incident practices. Therefore, the UK Club has teamed up with experts in forensic investigation, Burgoynes, to produce the latest Risk Focus on Engine Room Fire.

Report finds ship fires pose a real treat to safety

According to a new report, ship fires pose a threat to maritime safety in Europe with the highest risk on roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) passenger ships . The report concluded that it is very difficult to prevent ship fires and minimising their consequences also poses great challenges.

Lessons learned from MSC Flaminia

The European Commission presented the new EU operational guidelines for ships in need of assistance. Work on these guidelines started following the MSC Flaminia incident when a fire broke out on board a German-flagged vessel, which was subsequently left adrift on the high seas for weeks until Germany agreed to allow the stricken ship to enter its territorial waters.

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