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Ro-Ro cargo ship that caught fire off Tuscany seized

After the Ro-Ro cargo ship ‘Eurocargo Trieste’ caught fire off Tuscany, on November the 21st, an inspection took place by technicians of the Harbour Office, to investigate the incident. The inspection found various anomalies, and the vessels was seized in Livorno on November 23rd.

Guide on ensuring safe stowage of dangerous goods

A working Group including CINS (Cargo Incident Notification System), Classification Societies, and coordinated by ABS launched a report providing safety considerations to ship operators, cargo carriers and port personnel when dealing with stowage of dangerous goods.

Lessons Learned: Lack of “hot work” training results to vessel’s fire

The National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) issued an accident report on a fire that took place on the fishing vessel “Jeanette” which at the time of the incident was pier side at the American Samoa Government (ASG) container facility in the Port of Pago Pago, Tutuila Island, American Samoa, with 18 crewmembers and one shoreside vessel representative on board.

Captain dies after fire breaks out on board carrier off Brazil

Fire erupted on board the Greek-flagged carrier ‘Ore Sudbury’, in Guaiba, Brazil, on November 22. As the Hellenic Coast informed, due to the fire, the Captain died, while the rest of the crew are reported as safe. No pollution has been noticed neither.

Ro-Ro cargo ship catches fire off Tuscany

A fire took place in the engine room of the Grimaldi-owned Ro-Ro cargo ship, Eurocargo Trieste, on November the 21st. The incident took place while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Tuscany. No injuries were reported, and the fire was put out.

11 US sailors injured after fire onboard the warship USS Iwo Jima

Eleven sailors suffered minor injuries after a fire broke out late Thursday in the cargo hold of the amphibious warship USS Iwo Jima, while the ship was in maintenance at Naval Station Mayport, Florida. The fire broke out about 11:45 p.m. on Thursday, when sailors onboard reported smoke in a cargo hold.

Watch: Bulk carrier suffers fire off Vietnam

A fire erupted onboard the Sierra Leone-flagged bulk carrier Yong Shun in the morning hours of Thursday while the ship was underway about 6 nautical miles south of Vung Tau Vietnam.  The ship was en route from Hong Kong to Phu My, Vietnam at the time of the incident.

Wife of victim files first lawsuit against Conception operator

Following the fatal incident of the dive boat “Conception”, the wife of one of the victims filled a lawsuit against operator Truth Aquatics in connection with the fatal fire aboard the vessel on September 2. The vessel burned and sank on September resulting to the loss of all 33 passengers and one crewmember. 


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