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Containership hit by fire off Mozambique

The container vessel “EM-Oinousses” experienced an engine room fire while it was sailing  from Maputo to Mombasa, which the crew was able to put out, but the vessel ended up sailing uncontrollable. A salvage company conducted salvage operations and its helped the crewmembers onboard to safely disembark at the port of Nacala, without any injuries, on January 21.

iContainers urges on misdeclared cargoes issue

As misdeclared cargo continues causing fires onboard, the digital freight forwarder iContainers, highlighted that the shipping industry needs to pay attention to this increased issue. Namely during the last two years, has been noticed a growing number of container fires coming from shipper’s misdeclared dangerous cargoes.

Lithium batteries caused the fire onboard Cosco Pacific

In light of the unexpectedly fire in Cosco Pacific’s cargo hold containers, authorities came in a conclusion of the causes that started the fire. Specifically, China Cosco Shipping has identified that the the main reason was a spontaneous combustion of misreported lithium batteries cargo.

Containership experiences fire in its cargo hold containers

On 4 January 2020, the containership knows as “Cosco Pacific” reported unexpectedly fire in its cargo hold containers. Specifically, the vessel was en route from Port Klang Malaysia to Ngava Sheva western India when the fire started and had to reroute.

Container fires onboard: Time to take action

Cargo fires are not only an environmental concern but also cause large losses leading to severe business disruption and operator’s reputational damage. No matter how we have progressed on tackling with firefighting onboard, it can only take one container to start a fire onboard a large vessel.

16 crew members evacuate bulker due to engine room fire

On December 5, an unexpected fire started inside the engine room of the Canadian-flagged Handy bulker Tecumseh, while the vessel was sailing near Zug Island on the United States’ side of the Detroit River. The ship eventually drifted into Canadian waters as for the time being is anchored by Windsor, Ontario. 

Photos: Two boats burn at Seaview Harbor Marina

The US Coast Guard is responding to a discharge of diesel after a fire erupted on two large boats at Seaview Harbor Marina in Great Egg Harbor, Monday morning. Watchstanders at USCG Sector Delaware Bay received the report of the vessel fires from local police dispatch at approximately 1:50 a.m.

Initial investigation findings for fire onboard car-ferry

After the fire incident on the car-ferry MF Ytterøyningen on October 10th, 2019, the battery manufacturer Corvus presented its first findings. In fact, a thorough investigation led by the Kvinnherad police in Hordaland, Norway; the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service; DNV GL; Norwegian Maritime Authorities; Corvus Energy; insurance companies; as well as other stakeholders, was carried out concerning both the course of events and the cause of the incident.


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