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Two workers died after fire on tanker in Chittagong

A fire broke out in the engine room on board a tanker, beached in Chittagong, on February 18, killing two workers. According to information, the two men died while scrapping the ship Greek Warrior at Shagorika Ship Breaking Yard. One of the men was burned and rushed to Chittagong Medical College Hospital, but he died before reaching the hospital. The body of the second man was discovered on board a few hours later. 

Pakistan bans shipbreaking activities in Gadani shipbreaking yard

Gadani shipbreaking beach recently experienced two fire incidents. On 11 October a tanker caught fire, with no injuries reported. However, on 14 October, another oil tanker caught fire, injuring seven workers. These incidents made the Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency ban all shipbreaking activities in Gadani.

Seven injured after ship catches fire in Gadani shipbreaking yard

Seven workers sustained severe burn injuries after a non-functional ship caught fire in Gadani ship-breaking yard, Pakistan, on Sunday. Three of the inured men are considered to be in critical situation. The incident took place while cutting steel inside the oil tanker.

20 workers rescued from fire in Gadani shipbreaking yard

At total of 20 workers were rescued after being trapped inside an oil tanker which caught fire in Gadani shipbreaking yard, Pakistan, on Monday, local media reported. The incident occurred during dismantling operations only a few months after the tanker scrapping ban was lifted. 


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