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Watch: ICS issues Engine Room Procedures guide

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) launched the Engine Room Procedures Guide, to address the design, complexity, and arrangement of engine rooms and provide safety notes for the operations taking place.

RMI alerts on fire incidents onboard commercial yachts

In 2019, four fire incidents occurred onboard RMI-registered yachts that resulted in the total constructive loss of the vessel, the Republic of the Marshall Islands Administrator informed, sharing key areas of concern and best practices. 

iContainers urges on misdeclared cargoes issue

As misdeclared cargo continues causing fires onboard, the digital freight forwarder iContainers, highlighted that the shipping industry needs to pay attention to this increased issue. Namely during the last two years, has been noticed a growing number of container fires coming from shipper’s misdeclared dangerous cargoes.

EU project LASH FIRE aims to improve Ro-Ro ship fire safety

The European Commission announced investment of EUR 12 million to address maritime fire safety challenge for Ro-Ro ships. Project partners from 13 EU Member States investigate cost-efficient measures to mitigate this international shipping challenge. 

Preventing container fires onboard: Best practices

During the last SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum, Ashok Srinivasan, Manager in Maritime Technology/ Regulation Department, BIMCO, gave an insight on container ship fires. Such incidents have been on the spotlight recently, and Mr. Srinivasan explored the possible causes, as well as solutions to tackle the problem.

Guide on ensuring safe stowage of dangerous goods

A working Group including CINS (Cargo Incident Notification System), Classification Societies, and coordinated by ABS launched a report providing safety considerations to ship operators, cargo carriers and port personnel when dealing with stowage of dangerous goods.

Fire risks in cargo areas

It is not an easy task to deal with a fire in the cargo hold, or any area of the ship for that matter, and surely any fire situation onboard a ship needs to be taken seriously. Normally all precautions are taken to ensure that inflammable cargoes are kept in isolated conditions.

Case study: Fire on board tanker

Cargo ships carrying liquid cargo is a special category type of ships in respect of firefighting because on board such ships there is a dangerous combination between cargo’s specific features and equipment to support all aspects of vessel’s requirements.

Preventing Engine Room fires onboard: How to prepare

Engine room fires are often very challenging to deal with, due to the construction of the room and a plentiful supply of the fire triangle elements: heat, fuel and oxygen. A major engine room fire can have destructive consequences and, in the aftermath, it’s unlikely for a ship to continue under her own power.

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