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ClassNK Releases World’s First Harmonized CSR Compliant Ship Design Support Software

PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) ship design support software fully compliant with IACS CSR ClassNK has announced the release of a new version of its PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) ship design support software that is fully compliant with the new IACS Common Structural Rules (harmonized CSR) for oil tankers and bulk carriers. The new ship design support software is the first in the world to fully support the new Common Strucutural Rules, which were adopted by IACS in December 2013. As part of its work to support the development of safer ships, ClassNK is providing the software free of charge to its customers such as shipyards and designers around the world.The new IACS CSR not only unify and harmonize the technical requirements of the existing Common Structural Rules (CSR) for tankers and bulk carriers, but also incorporate new requirements for more comprehensive structural analysis at the design stage, including FEM analyses covering the entire range of cargo hold structures, as well as new formulae for buckling, fatigue, and residual strength criteria to enhance safety and reliability. The new rules will be applied to all bulk carriers over 90m and all oil tankers over 150m contracted on and after 1 July 2015.Although the harmonized CSR represents ...

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A new horizon for fatigue at sea

MARTHA to be the new HORIZON project for maritime safety With increasing concerns over human safety, environmentaldamage and commercial loss, researchers at Southampton Solent University have been awarded $1.5 million by the TK Foundation in Nassau, Bahamas, to lead an additional international research project into seafarer fatigue.Due to the current economic climate, ships' crews are under increasing pressure from competitive voyage schedules, and there are rising concerns over incidents and accidents that are increasingly attributed to fatigue.Building on its predecessor project HORIZON, a 3.4 million European Commission-funded study into fatigue at sea, the new project MARTHA will continue this research and pilot some of the recommendations made by experts at Solent Universitys Warsash Maritime Academy and the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University.One of the outcomes of Project HORIZON has been the production of a prototype fatigue prediction model, created specifically for use in shipping operations. Based on a theoretical model produced from research within other industries, it predicts the levels of fatigues among watch keepers. One of the aims of the latest project is to put this into practice and test it at sea.Following previous test results and recommendations, project MARTHA will also explore other ways in which to ...

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Fatigue as a safety issue across all modes of transportation

National Sleep Awareness Week from March 3 to 10 The National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah A. P. Hersman recognizes National Sleep Awareness Week (March 3-10) and the seriousness of fatigue as a safety issue across all modes of transportation."In our investigations, we've seen truck drivers driving through the night during circadian lows, mariners navigating treacherous channels during pre-dawn hours and air traffic controllers working rotating shifts with short turnarounds," said NTSB Chairman Hersman.NTSB has studied operator fatigue and issued recommendations calling for improved scheduling regulations and practices, education for operators and employers concerning fatigue and sleep disorders, and research to better understand the risks associated with fatigue in transportation."There are too many transportation accidents where the lack of sleep and fatigue have either caused the accident or been a contributory factor," Hersman added. "Sleep Awareness Week reminds us all of the vital importance of restorative rest."Source: NTSB See below relevant articles for fatigue in shipping Oil Companies Issue Recommendations on Seafarers 'Work Hour Rules The Project Horizon study Measuring Fatigue at Sea

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Investigation reveals safety concerns with Queensland coastal pilotage

ATSB report systemic found safety issues re pilot training & fatigue management (Photo: Queenland coast/ Great Barrier Reef - satellite photo)Systemic safety issues in Queensland coastal pilotage operations have been identified in an Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigation report.Coastal pilots form a key defence against a serious shipping incident in parts of the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait as part of a suite of broader protective measures already in place.(Photo credit: ATSB)The ATSB began an investigation into coastal pilotage operations in December 2010 following the release of its report into the grounding of the piloted tanker Atlantic Blue in the Torres Strait and a request from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)-the coastal pilotage safety regulator. That report identified safety issues affecting coastal pilotage which indicated that other systemic issues may also exist that would benefit from the ATSB further investigating.The ATSB's safety issue investigation found that under the coastal pilotage regulations, no organisation, including the pilotage provider companies, has been made clearly responsible and held accountable for managing the safety risks associated with pilotage operations. This has meant that responsibility for managing the most safety critical aspects of pilotage has rested with individual pilot contractors instead of ...

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