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The human element – the effects of fatigue on ship safety

Andrew Russ, Marine Surveyor at Standard P&I Club, addresses the issue of human element and fatigue in shipping. Mr. Russ reflects on research and measures that aim to resolve this issue, as the human element is a major contributor to accidents in the shipping industry.

Food vs fatigue on board

In this article, David Steele, Director of the Food Inspection Training, explains how food plays a huge part in a seafarer’s life on board and gives his advice on the proper meals for seafarers in order to avoid fatigue during duty.

Fatigue at sea should not be ignored

Fatigue at sea can impact judgement and therefore safety and can contribute to increased stress. This is a very serious issue which must be addressed and measures taken for it to be alleviated, says Captain Fared Khan, Marine Director for Wallem Ship Management


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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