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Commodity-dependent countries must diversify exports, UN urges

Developing countries that depend on commodities must seek diversification strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of price volatility in international markets, explained speakers at UNCTAD’s meeting of experts on commodities and development, on 15 April at the UN’s European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Today 67% of developing countries depend on commodities, a situation that has changed little in the last two decades.

South America’s container trade increases, report says

In its latest South America Container Trades report, Dynamar focuses on the growth that has returned in America after three years of reduction in its global trade. The report highlights the development after economic contractions between 2014-2016, with a recovery in 2017. The overall container carryings between South America and the rest of the market experienced an increase of over 10 million TEU in 2017, 8% more than 2016. The report expects South America containerized trade to reach 14 million TEU in 2021.

Australia cancels second livestock export licence

Australia’s Department of Agriculture has cancelled the livestock export licence of a second exporter, EMS Rural Exports Pty Ltd., as part of the government’s efforts to protect interests of the industry and high standards on animal welfare.

Australia to conduct criminal investigation for livestock carrier incident

Australia’s Department of Agriculture will conduct a criminal investigation for the company implicated in the death of 2,400 sheep from heat stress onboard the livestock carrier ‘Awassi Express’ in August 2017. Earlier, Australia announced that it will toughen its welfare standards on livestock carriers.

Australia, Peru ink free trade agreement

On Monday, the governments of Australia and Peru signed the Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA), that is expected to develop new jobs and economic growth for Australia, according to Steven Ciobo, Australia’s Trade Minister.

Dublin Port to invest in infrastructure projects

Dublin Port will invest in new infrastructure based on its Masterplan to 2040 and a programme of works is already underway. The company invested €75 million in port infrastructure in 2017 and plans to invest a further €132m during 2018.  As a result, investment plans will need to accelerate.

CMA CGM imposes port congestion surcharge in Thessaloniki

French container ship giant CMA CGM informed that it will implement an Emergency Port Congestion Surcharge for imports and exports at the port of Thessaloniki, North Greece, as of January, as a result from the increased port congestion that is increasing operational costs and generating service disruptions.

Bahri, Bunge inaugurate dry bulk joint venture

With plans to ship over 5 million metric tons of dry bulk commodities in its first year, the new company will step up the import and export of dry bulk goods and ocean freight material in and out of the Middle East, while strengthening the operations of Bahri Dry Bulk.

MOL teams up with four companies for new export service

MOL announced that it is teaming up with four other companies to join a demonstration project for a used-car export business model, as part of the “2017 International Logistics Business Model Creation Project” backed by Okinawa Prefecture’s Business Promotion Subsidy program.

European shippers concerned about EU shipment capacity

The European Shippers’ Council was asked by representatives of national shippers’ councils, as well as by individual export companies, to organize an emergency meeting. This meeting took place last week and focused on the current situation in maritime sector: goods to be exported have been waiting for up to 8 weeks to be loaded on ships.

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