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Explosion at Lotte Chemical plant injures 31 people

A total of 32 people were injured after an explosion at South Korea’s Lotte Chemical plant at Daesan Port, in the southwestern city of Seosan, which made the company to shut its naphtha cracker. 

Watch: Libyan National Army attacks Tripoli Port

According to Reuters, on 18 February all the vessels operating at the Tripoli Port were forced to evacuate the area as its is said that the Eastern Libyan forces shelled a terminal. In fact, all the offloading operations were cancelled, following the explosion of an LPG tanker discharging in the port.

Philadelphia Energy Solutions faces $132,600 fines

According to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Philadelphia Energy Solutions is considered responsible for “major violations of safety and health hazards” related to process safety management, after the fire and the following explosion at its Girard Point refinery complex in Philadelphia, back in June 2019.

NTSB investigation: Overheating of electrical wiring led to Grand Sun fire

NTSB issued an investigation report on the explosion and fire onboard the offshore supply vessel ‘Grand Sun’ while in the Gulf of Mexico, in October 2018. The report identified overheating of electrical wiring, associated with a chest freezer or the receptacle powering it, as key cause. 

Two Equinor workers injured in explosion in North Sea

Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) has launched an investigation into a serious work accident which took place on the Heimdal field in the North Sea on 28 November 2019, where two people were injured from an explosion in a gas cylinder.

Watch: Explosion kills three aboard Russian tanker

In the morning hours of Saturday, November 2, three crew-members were killed due to an explosion aboard the Russian tanker Zaliv Amerika in the far east region of Russia, near the port of Nakhodka. In fact, a gas and air mixture blast occurred on board the bunkering tanker, according to the regional branch of Russia’s Investigative Committee, whereas no blaze was issued after the incident took place.

Piper Alpha: The world’s deadliest offshore oil disaster

Over 30 years after the Piper Alpha oil platform suffered multiple explosions off Scotalnd taking lives of 167 people, SAFETY4SEA analyzes the North Sea disaster which made the oil and gas industry to look safety in new terms.

Sanchi: The world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades

As part of its “Learn from the past” series, SAFETY4SEA is focusing today on the Sanchi disaster, which claims the world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades, less than two years after it collided with ‘CF Crystal’ on East China Sea and took lives of 32 people while causing a vast oil pollution.

Ship suffers engine failure off Samar, 48 evacuated

The Philippine Coast Guard rescued a total of 48 passengers and crew from the ship ‘Twins G-2’, while at the vicinity waters of Barangay Astorga, Daram, Samar, on 30 August. Investigation revealed that an engine failure started due to the explosion of the starboard’s engine fuel line.


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