exhaust gas cleaning systems

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IMarEST issues guide on scrubber challenges

IMarEST issued a guide concerning unanswered questions surrounding scrubber washwater discharge, to explore the concerns arising in connection with the installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems, scrubbers, on ships.

Torm installs scrubber system on another tanker

Following Torm’s announcement that it is to install scrubbers to almost half of its fleet, the company installed a scrubber system to one more vessel. Specifically, the Danish Tanker operator install a scrubber system to its vessel, in line with its scrubber policy. 

CSA 2020 welcomes study’s results on scrubber wash water

CE Delft, a research organisation in the Netherlands with expertise on environmental issues, presented its results on scrubbers, highlighting that accumulated concentrations of exhaust gas cleaning systems, EGCS, or scrubbers, wash water components are at very low levels and well below applicable regulatory limits. Thus, the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) 2020 applauds the results.

IMarEST launches survey on scrubbers

IMarEST, the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, launched a survey on scrubbers to acknowledge the existing problems and shortcomings of specific equipment types aiming to improve them. The survey aspires to acquire feedback from marine engineers as well as utilise the expertise within the Institute’s membership.

Union of Greek Shipowners applauds progress made at MEPC 74

The Union of Greek Shipowners applauds the progress made by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 74) of the United Nations International Maritime Organization (UN IMO) with regard to the issues related to the challenges stemming from the implementation of the new 0.5% sulphur limit on marine fuels.

CSA 2020: Ports to allow open loop scrubbers based on academic research

The Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 (CSA 2020) issued a statement according to which it has received written approvals and  no-objection letters from several Port Authorities around the world indicating they have no intention of banning the use of open-loop scrubbers in their waters.

Overview of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Ole Johan Øby Svendsen, Sales Manager, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Wärtsilä, argued on how to customize a scrubber system to fit the operators’ need for new builds and retrofits as well as to make a feasible installation process for retrofit installations.

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