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Do you know when to abandon a ship?

In the unlikely event of a life-threatening situation onboard, it may be time for vessel abandonment, ordered by the Master. Abandoning the ship needs to take place at the right time, followed by specific steps and procedures, as the decision to leave the vessel and fall into the sea comes with great risk.

Cruise ships evacuated after Norovirus outbreak

A norovirus outbreak made passengers and crew on board the Princess Cruises ship ‘Sun Princess’ evacuate the ship, as hundreds got sick. The cruise ship had departed on November 1st from Australia, heading to Singapore, carrying 2,000 passengers.

Platform evacuated off Shetland

On Monday, October 21st, the HM Coastguard assisted with the precautionary evacuation of 115 personnel from the Thistle Platform, operated by Enquest PLC, located almost 125 miles North East of Shetland, just over 100 nautical miles north east of Lerwick.

PSA Norway audits Rowan due to evacuation inefficiencies

The Norwegian Safety Petroleum Authority announced that they carried out an audit of Rowan Norway (Rowan) and the company’s arrangements for evacuation from mobile facilities with Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC). The audit was conducted on March 19, 2019, focusing on the barriers around evacuation to the sea using lifeboats, and covered the company’s facilities that have an AoC.

Two additional tugs to assist Yantian Express

After a fire broke out on the the deck of the Yantian Express, on 3 January, Hapag Lloyd informed that a decision was made to evacuate the crew. The fire is under control and two additional tugs were sent to assist the vessel. The newly-added tugs are the DonJon-owned Atlantic Enterprise and the Boskalis AHTS Sovereign, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. 

Hapag Lloyd’s fire-hit container ship to be towed to Halifax

The commercial tugboat Maersk Mobiliser will tow Hapag Lloyd’s fire-stricken container ship to Halifax, New Scotland, the US Coast Guard informed in an official update. The fire broke out on 3 January in one of the containers onboard the 7,510 TEU container ship ‘Yantian Express’ about 1,015 miles northeast of Bermuda.

Workers evacuated from Shell’s platform in North Sea after power outage

More than 130 workers were evacuated from Shell’s ‘Brent Charlie’ oil platform in North Sea, due to power outage, on 27 November. Crew onboard ‘Brent Charlie’, located 185km North East of Lerwick, Shetland, contacted the HM Coastguard in the early morning hours of Tuesday reporting that they had lost power and were running on backup batteries.

15 evacuated from capsized liftboat in Gulf of Mexico

A total of 15 crew members were evacuated from the 134-foot liftboat ‘Ram XVIII’, after the vessel started taking on water near Grand Isle, Louisiana, on Sunday. The US Coast Guard and good Samaritan vessels headed to the scene after watchstanders at USCG Sector New Orleans received a report at approximately 3:16 a.m. from the ‘Ram XVIII’ that it was taking on water approximately 23 nm west of Southwest Pass.

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