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Europort Opens With Maritime Odyssey 2041

How shipping will be in 30 years Yesterday morning the maritime exhibition Europort started at Ahoy Rotterdam. Fully in line with the theme 'Advanced Technology, Your access to the future', the exhibition was opened with a 'MARITIME ODYSSEY' to the year 2041. An interactive film inspired the audience to shape the future themselves. The three speakers emphasized that innovation and technology are important in the maritime industry to stay ahead of the game. Until Friday 11 November, Europort is the breeding ground for clever solutions and new connections."The future is not only happening to us, but also makeable" was the message of the opening film. Exactly what the world looks like in thirty years, is impossible to say. Nevertheless, the maritime sector agrees that three leading trends will be: Cheap labour is not leading, but innovation is. Speed is not leading, but durability is. Manpower is not leading, but smart technology is.Leading market players from the maritime sector Koos van Oord (Frontrunner 'Topteam Water'), Sjef van Dooremalen (Chairman of Holland Shipbuilding) and Tineke Netelenbos (President of the Association of Shipowners) commented on these statements.Jos van der Vegt, President of Ahoy Rotterdam: "During the coming days over thirty thousand visitors will ...

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