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EU Council agrees position on speeding grant permissions

On 2 December, the European Council accepted the proposal of easing the completion of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), by running up the permit-granting processes. The agreed proposal further goals to clarify the procedures which project promoters need to follow, such as permit granting and public procurement.

EU votes on improving recognition of seafarers maritime education and certification systems

The European Parliament voted on April 4 regarding the revision of Directive 2008/106/EC on the minimum level of training for seafarers. The revision gives emphasis on the level of transparency that should prevail in processing demands for the recognition of seafarers’ certificates of new third countries. Such a recognition will now stop to be automatic, as the decision to launch this process will have to be taken by the Commission by means of an implementing decision and on grounds of several criteria.

ESPO supports EU’s agreement on CEF II

ESPO welcomed the Common Understanding between the European Parliament and the Council on the future Connecting Europe Facility (CEF II). On 25 March, the European Parliament’s Transport and Industry Committees confirmed the partial agreement, which sets out the EU’s funding priorities and modalities in the transport sector for the period 2021-2027. The precise budget will be negotiated under the new Parliament.

Member states, EU agree on amendment related to ship inspection after Brexit

The European Union is adapting legislation to make sure of the legal certainty of vessel operators after Brexit. Member states’ ambassadors meeting in the Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee approved amended rules on the assessment of ship inspection organisations, whose task it is to ensure the safety of ships and prevent marine pollution. The presidency reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on 21 January.

How climate change can affect Europe

The impact of climate change is already impacting the ecosystems, economic sectors and people’s health and well-being in Europe. In order to present how climate change can affect Europe, the European Parliament created an infographic depicting the impacts of climate change in each region of the continent.

European Parliament approves new rules for drones operation

As global air traffic is expected to double over the next 20 years, flight safety must be safeguarded. Currently most drones fall under differing national rules. Hence, on June 12th of 2018, MEPs approved an agreement between Council and Parliament negotiators in November 2017, to ensure a common level of safety for drones.

EU reduces shipping pollution in European coastlines

Air pollution from sulphur oxides that ships emit has dropped significantly over the past years, a new compliance report by the European Commission shows. This is the result of joint efforts by EU and the maritime industry to implement EU rules under the Sulphur Directive and the choice for cleaner fuel.

EU shipping industry calls for firmer strategy

ECSA announced that the European shipping industry welcomes the European Commission’s mid-term review of the EU Maritime Transport Strategy 2009-2018. The industry endorses the emphasis on better regulation and strategy goals, promoting Europe as a globally leading, high-quality region for shipping to do business in.


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