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ESPO expresses full support of European Green Deal

Following the launch of the European Green Deal, the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) expressed its support, welcoming EU’s ambition in becoming the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050.

ESPO supportive of EU proposal for harmonized approach on scrubbers

ESPO announced that it supports the European plea for immediate and harmonized action on the basis of scientific evidence available with regard to the impact of liquid discharges from scrubbers on water quality. For this reason, it backs the EU proposal to bring the issue to the IMO. The scrubber discharges into the water is currently triggering different approaches and measures in the EU Member States, ESPO’s Secretary General, Isabelle Ryckbost, believes.

Parliament supports removal of tax barriers for shore power

Voting the Ertug report, the Transport committee of the European Parliament pointed out that taxation has a major impact on the price competitiveness of alternative fuels and underlined that disparities in energy taxation for shore-side supply for ships should be addressed.

ESPO welcomes EU’s position on reducing shipping emissions

ESPO welcomed the agreement reached by the IMO to peak CO2 emissions from shipping as soon as possible and reduce them by at least 50% by 2050, compared to 2008 levels. For European ports, the agreement to reduce shipping emissions is very important. ESPO called the measures proposed to be developed and introduced by 2023.

ESPO in favour of EU’s position on CO2 negotiations

The discussions aim to conclude on an Initial Strategy a CO2 emissions reduction target for the sector as well as potential short, mid, and long-term reduction measures. The EU has recently agreed on a position with regard to the negotiations in the IMO on a CO2 emissions reduction target. 

ESPO welcomes EU’s deadline for shipping’s CO2 reduction

Earlier in November, the European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement regarding the shipping CO2 emissions to align any EU action with the IMO timeline. Many industry bodies have welcomed this decision so far. Recently,ESPO issued a statement to show its support.

EU Parliament votes for deadline for shipping CO2 emission

The EU voted in favour of the inclusion of CO2 emissions from shipping in the EU ETS and the establishment of a maritime climate fund “in the absence of progress at international level” as from 2023. ESPO strongly believes that IMO is by far the right place to introduce CO2 target and measures to reduce emissions from shipping in line with the Paris Agreement.

ESPO backs IMO for addressing CO2 shipping emissions

ESPO strongly believes that IMO is by far the right level to address the issue and to find a solution. In that respect, ESPO believes that the roadmap agreed on at the IMO MEPC meeting last October is a starting point

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