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Satellites make new revelations for Wakashio grounding

Amid a growing debate on the causes of the Wakashio grounding, British satellite analytics company Geollect, has made new revelations about the final journey of the Japanese bulk carrier, six months after it caused a large oil spill off Mauritius. 

Case study: Machinery failure caused by lubrication contamination

In its monthly Safety Scenario for October, the Swedish Club describes an incident of a ship’s engine failure due to contamination of the lubrication system. An investigation showed that the engine had been operated on a high thermal load for a long time and the turbocharger’s efficiency had been affected by fouling, while the lubrication oil had been contaminated for some time.

COSCO VLCC experiences engine problem off South Africa

SAMSA reported that the Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation VLCC Yuan Hua Hu experienced an unspecified engine problem while sailing in the Indian Ocean off South Africa, prompting an emergency response by multiple South African agencies.

NTSB investigation: Towing vessel contact with bridge

The US NTSB issued an investigation report on the contact of the towing vessel ‘Lindberg Crosby’ with Interstate 10 Bridge while on San Jacinto River, Texas, in February 2019. The investigation showed that there was an undetected loss of starboard engine directional control.

AMSA fines master for reporting engine failure six hours later

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority reports of an incident concerning the master of “Asphalt Spirit” tanker who was detained after failing to report of the vessel’s engine failure on time, fined $3000 and a conviction was recorded.

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