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The road to 2050 energy transition

In the most recent Energy Transition Outlook, DNV GL presents its timeline of the next 30 years of the energy transition, which shows many astonishing milestones. Namely, the one of the key takeaways of the timeline is the peak of energy supply and demand, but there are other significant milestones as well. According to the timeline oil will peak at 2022, while 4 years later transport energy demand will peak.

How to keep emissions gap well below 2°C

In light of DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook 2019 launch, this infographic describes 10 measures that aim to help close the emissions gap to well below 2°C. However, DNV GL added that policies must also be developed in order to mitigate at least three fronts at the same time: higher energy efficiency, more renewables, and industrial-scale CCS.

New fuels, energy efficiency to be key in meeting IMO GHG goals

As part of its Energy Transition Outlook 2019, DNV GL provided an independent outlook on the maritime energy future examining how the energy transition will affect the industry. The report forecasts that new fuels, alongside energy efficiency, will play a key role on meeting the IMO greenhouse gas ambitions.

MAN Energy Solutions to promote hydrogen technology

Germany-based MAN Energy Solutions  announced it has become a partner of the Bavarian Hydrogen Council, focusing on expanding hydrogen technology in Bavaria. As partner, the company will work with other major players from politics, finance and science to drive the development of hydrogen technology.

38 new UK offshore projects could be sanctioned by 2022

A new wave of UK field development projects are to be sanctioned towards 2022, poising the UK offshore scene for a timely comeback, according to energy research firm Rystad Energy. It forecasts that FIDs could be reached on as many as 38 new UK offshore projects over the next three years.

Greece, Israel, US, Cyprus to boost energy cooperation

Greece, Israel, Cyprus and the US agreed to boost cooperation in energy, as well as cyber and infrastructure security, Greek Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said, following a meeting among the ministers of the four countries in Athens, Wednesday. 

Australia seeks to buy emergency oil supplies from the US

In a bid to boost Australia’s alarmingly low domestic fuel stocks, the Australian government is negotiating with the Trump administration to buy millions of barrels of oil from the US’ tightly guarded fuel reserve. This follows a report by MUA raising concerns on the country’s extremely low liquid fuel reserves. 

Uniper, partners plan first green hydrogen cavern in Germany

Germany-based energy supplier Uniper announced a project along with its consortium partners to build an electrolysis plant starting from 2020 in the central German chemical triangle that will produce green hydrogen with a capacity of up to 35 megawatts. This would be the first hydrogen cavern in continental Europe.

New paper discusses hydrogen in electricity value chain

Hydrogen production is often presented as the default option for using surplus electricity from renewable generation. However, there is an investment merit order for coping with surplus electricity, said DNV GL in a new paper, highlighting that hydrogen is expected to play a significant role in the future European energy system.


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