energy efficiency

Offering a waterway to a sustainable future

Video illustrates the Urban Water Shuttle, an energy-efficient, high-speed vessel concept for passenger transport. The vessel will be built in low weight and sustainable materials like aluminium, propelled using the latest low- and zero emission energy storage technologies.

Improving energy efficiency with ISO 50001

Video informs on ISO 50001, an energy management program, which has gained the trust of nearly 7000 organizations worldwide. The program allows companies to improve energy efficiency, which means they save money, resources and tackle climate change.

How air lubrication technology works

Air lubrication technology is one of the most comprehensively described eco-efficiency technologies validated by the United Nations International Maritime Organisation.

Running of batteries: Powering the Vision of the Fjords

Battery technology is playing a growing role in the maritime industry, particularly in Norway where regulation will require all ferries to move away from fossil fuels. This video illustrates how ABB enables the Vision of the Fjords to switch to battery power when it reaches the most crucial part of its journey.

Video: The power of liquid fuels

Video explains how liquid petroleum fuels have marked a milestone in the history of transport, creating the conditions for an unprecedented step change in performance and affordability of transport on land, sea in the air.

ABB staying ahead of the growing demand for battery power

Video demonstrates the important role battery power can play in the passenger segment. However, the speed at which energy storage capacity is progressing means that it can play a role on nearly every vessel, whether it is drill ships, tugs, tankers or ferries.


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