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Watch: Sea Hunter autonomously voyages to Hawaii

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) accomplished a full autonomous navigation of Sea Hunter, medium displacement unmanned surface vessel. Sea Hunter autonomously navigated from San Diego to Pears Harbor, Hawaii and returned without crew onboard, expect few boardings by personnel from an escort vessel to check electrical and propulsion systems.

New project eyes development of ‘intelligent’ steering gear

MOL announced cooperation with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, to jointly develop technologies that will enhance vessel reliability and energy-saving operation by vessel steering gear with new sensing capability and big data analysis. Control of the steering gear is one of the most critical elements when handling a ship.

Irish Lights launch maritime safety strategy

The Safe Seas – Connected Coasts 2018-2023 Strategy will implement a new and existing navigation technology, engineering and data management solutions to enable Safe Navigation at Sea for commercial shipping, fishing, leisure craft and passenger vessels. The Safe Seas – Connected Coasts Strategy includes upgraded lighthouse stations and navigation buoys with energy efficient LED technology.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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