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RMI: Key similarities of enclosed space entry incidents

In 2019, two seafarers died and two were seriously injured in an enclosed space entry incident on an RMI-registered bulk carrier. With this respect, the RMI reiterated once again the need to maintain vigilance with regards to enclosed space entry and rescue training. 

Fatalities in Confined Spaces: do we have tunnel vision?

Confined space work remains one of the most frequent, yet dangerous work-related activities undertaken. Thus, Lloyd’s Register James Pomeroy, the expert on Health and Safety asks if we have tunnel vision regarding confined spaces.

Do’s and Dont’s to ensure zero accidents onboard

As the shipping industry is striving to improve safety, major representatives from the sector agreed to the industry’s Golden Safety Rules, along with other ideas as well regarding how these measures can be applied. This is part of the ‘Together in Safety’ initiative, which aims to achieve a zero-incident industry, and the agreement took place during the Global Maritime Forum 2019 in Singapore.

Together in Safety: 9 Golden Safety Rules for shipping

On the occasion of Global Maritime Forum 2019 underway in Singapore, maritime leaders reiterated their common ambition to make the maritime industry safer, agreeing the industry Golden Safety Rules and ideas on how they could be implemented and used, as part of the ‘Together in Safety’ initiative.

Safe enclosed space entry: More regulations or just less complacency?

The shipping industry does not need more regulation, but a more thorough understanding of the current regulations and a more efficient safety culture to implement the existing regulatory framework, especially when it comes to enclosed space entry, was a key message by shipping experts in the latest SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Enclosed Space Entry

This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, gives emphasis on enclosed space entry. The dangers of enclosed space entry on board ships is rising as the hidden enemy for crews, with human element failures often considered as a key cause, including; fatigue, complacency and cutting corners. These highlight improper training, insufficient hazard awareness, and perhaps a need for enclosed spacer entry to be reviewed further more. In this regard, we asked global experts to share their views on the following question: Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

In the following article, InterManager Secretary General, Captain Kuba Szymanski, discusses the problems associated with working in enclosed spaces onboard ships and considers what measures the industry needs to take to save lives.

Toxic gases onboard ships: How to avoid poisoning

Apart from the common occupational health and safety issues, risk remains high for people working onboard as they may be exposed to gases or vapors that are poisonous. In this respect, crew members working with dangerous goods should adhere strictly to basic safety precautions.

How to minimize risk when entering enclosed space

Although the industry has repeatedly rung the bell on the dangers of enclosed space entry onboard, this continues to arise as the hidden enemy for crews. In this regard, the Shipowners Club produced a sample risk assessment addressing the various hazards associated with enclosed space entry operations. 

Three die from enclosed space entry in two RMI-flagged ships

The Republic of the Marshall Islands issued an alert informing of two confined space entry incidents on an RMI-flagged tanker and an RMI-flagged bulk carrier, which occurred within approximately 24 hours of each other, resulting in deaths of three seafarers and two seafarers losing consciousness.

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