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Enclosed space design has to improve to avoid further deaths

InterManager conducted a survey focusing on the danger of enclosed spaces aboard vessels. InterManager published the results and the feedback of the survey to highlight the risks hiding in that sector of the shipping industry, while also alert the industry eradicate these risks.

Viking Islay enclosed space fatalities: Rescuers becoming victims

It has been almost 12 years since the enclosed space fatality incident onboard the ERRV vessel Viking Islay off UK that shocked shipping community as three men died successively trying to rescue one another. Enclosed space entry has been over the years the hidden enemy for crews.

Unsafely transferring wood pellets increases the possibility of fire

Peter Hazell, Assistant Vice President, Head of FDD Skuld, focused on the various incidents concerning former coal fired power stations that have started to burn biomass as feedstock in order to enhance sustainability of fuel sources. This results to shipments of wood pellets intended to be burned. Most of these shipments are executed without incident but there are significant hazards associated with the carriage of wood pellets.

Lack of confined space entry safety awareness leads to fatal accident

The Hong Kong Marine Department informs of an incident where a stevedore mistakenly entered a fumigated cargo hold of a Hong Kong registered bulk carrier and was later found lying on the spiral ladder of the cargo hold. The stevedores were lack of safety awareness of confined space entry and they were not familiar with the working environment on board the vessel.

InterManager survey stresses concerns on enclosed space deaths

Enclosed space fatalities continue, as shipping lacks a thorough understanding of the risks faced by today’s seafarers while shipping industry investigations encourage a ‘blame culture’, according to a study by shipmanagement trade association InterManager. 

ITF stresses ‘shocking spike’ in confined space fatalities

The ITF underlined a shocking spike in deaths in confined spaces, as a workplace hazard long familiar to the shipping industry. Since January 2018, 16 dockers and 12 seafarers have died from asphyxiation or explosions in confined spaces – or from falls after passing out due to bad air. 

Lack of training in working on enclosed spaces leads to fatality

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority published its report on the death of a casual labourer from oxygen deficiency when he entered an unventilated spiral ladder leading down to one of the cargo holds. The probable cause was a combination of being unaware of the risks, because of lack of training and experience in discharging coal.

USCG alerts on confined space entry after three fatalities

The USCG has issued a Safety Alert on the dangers of confined space entry , in light of a recent casualty where three people were asphyxiated on a drilling rig (MODU). The Coast Guard says that Studies have shown that people often miss the obvious cues of a situation while under stress and because their focus is upon another effort or action that needs to be accomplished.


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