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USCG alerts on confined space entry after three fatalities

The USCG has issued a Safety Alert on the dangers of confined space entry , in light of a recent casualty where three people were asphyxiated on a drilling rig (MODU). The Coast Guard says that Studies have shown that people often miss the obvious cues of a situation while under stress and because their focus is upon another effort or action that needs to be accomplished.

Skuld: Addressing enclosed space entry risks

Martin Øhre, Maritime Trainee at Skuld Club, touches upon the matter of enclosed space entry. Mr. Øhre notes that failure to comply with company procedures regarding entry into enclosed spaces can be fatal, while hazards such as oxygen depletion or carbon monoxide exposure are among the most common causes.

Loss prevention: Shipboard enclosed space safety

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA Cyprus Conference, Mr. David Nichol, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, UK P&I Club, focused on accidents relating to entry into enclosed spaces onboard ships, which ‘continue to blight the shipping industry’. The dangers associated with enclosed spaces are well known – so why the unremitting level of casualties?

How to minimize risk when entering enclosed space

Although the industry has repeatedly rung the bell on the dangers of enclosed space entry onboard, this continues to arise as the hidden enemy for crews. In this regard, the Shipowners Club produced a sample risk assessment addressing the various hazards associated with enclosed space entry operations. 

Three crewmen die after enclosed space entry on cargo ship

Three crewmen onboard the general cargo ship ‘Appolo Kita’ have reportedly lost their lives from asphyxiation after an enclosed space entry, while the ship was was underway off Ishigakijima, on 9 November. The ship was en route from Kalimantan to Osaka, Japan, carrying wood, when the three crew members lost consciousness after entering a cargo hold.

UK MAIB: Safety warning after enclosed space fatality onboard

The UK MAIB issued a safety bulletin on an enclosed space fatality onboard the fishing vessel ‘Sunbeam’ on 14 August 2018. The investigation highlighted lack of risk assessment and noted that the crew did not appreciate the levels of risk they were taking when entering in a refrigerated salt water tank.

Three die from enclosed space entry in two RMI-flagged ships

The Republic of the Marshall Islands issued an alert informing of two confined space entry incidents on an RMI-flagged tanker and an RMI-flagged bulk carrier, which occurred within approximately 24 hours of each other, resulting in deaths of three seafarers and two seafarers losing consciousness.

Procedures: A toolbox meeting guide for enclosed spaces

A vessel contains several spaces which can be considered dangerous, such as tanks, holds, isolated compartments (e.g. bosun store), specific compartments (e.g. paint store) and others. So, how may a seafarer be suspicious that a space he/she is about to enter is dangerous, if no relevant poster or sign exists?

Watch: Avoiding enclosed spaces accidents

Accidents in enclosed spaces onboard ships have been a source of serious injuries and fatalities. In this video published by Gard P&I Club, we see Gard’s former surveyor Alf Martin Sandberg’s story, who could have lost his life when he entered a void space onboard a barge, without checking the atmosphere inside the space.


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