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GPS interference reported in Mediterranean and Red Seas

U.S. Maritime Advisory 2018-014 informs of a continued GPS interference by vessels and aircraft operating in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea It is causing the alternation of GPS signals and affects the navigation and communication of vessels. GPS interference is causing the loss or the alternation of GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing and communications equipment.   

Ukraine, Egypt sign agreements to boost ties between their ports

The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority signed agreements with the Egyptian ports of Alexandria and Damietta on 2nd of November. These agreements aim to establish a bilateral working group with representatives of shipping lines, traders, port operators to discuss the implementation of joint projects.

Egypt reduces fees for ships arriving at East Port Said

Container ships and ferries coming from foreign ports to East Port Said will enjoy a discount at tariffs for a period of one year. A 30% discount on port, docking and guiding fees will apply for vessels carrying less than 80,000 tonnes while those carrying more than that will receive a 40% discount.

Egypt wants to build railroad to connect Mediterranean, Red Sea ports

Egypt plans to build a railroad line connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean via a land bridge. At first, a line will connect the Port of Alexandria with the Port of Damietta. A little later, the project will connect the Port of Damietta to the Port of Nuweiba. The project wants to accelerate the movement of people and goods.

New initiative to link North Africa with Belt and Road

The Afro-Asian Economic Council informed that it will launch a development project, aiming to connect Egypt and other North African countries to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. This projects aspired to improve Egypt’s position as strategic navigational and land corridor in the world.

Egyptian ports to remain open 24 hours a day

Egypt’s Transportation Minister Hesham Arafat informed that the country will keep its ports open for 24 hours a day, in order to reduce the waiting times for shipment. Currently, Egyptian ports stay open for 16 hours. The minister did not made clear when the new port hours will be launched or for how long the new policy will remain in place.

Arab Women Maritime Association launched

An event took place in Alexandria, Egypt, on 15-19 October, where 30 women from nine Arab countries officially launched The Arab Association for Women in the Maritime Sector.

Ships affected after diplomatic crisis in Middle East

As of 6 June 2017, ports across Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates are closed to ships flying Qatari flags. Some ports may also be closed to ships, irrespective of their flag, that are destined for or arriving from Qatari ports, which in practice, means a trade embargo.

Arab ports ban entry to Qatari vessels

Further to the recent announcement that several Arabic states have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, the ship traffic from and to Qatar was suspended by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt. The Saudi Arabia Port Authority confirmed that no vessel will be allowed coming from or going to Qatar, regardless of the vessels’ flag or owners nationality.

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