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Egypt issues guidelines amid COVID-19 crisis

The North P&I Club informed that Egypt issued guidelines concerning the coronavirus pandemic, providing information and news on the port developments and guidelines that have been implemented.

UAE partly mitigates Qatar shipping ban

The UAE has eased a ban on the shipping of goods between it and Qatar, enforced under a political and economic boycott of Doha, according to port circular. An Abu Dhabi Ports circular cancelled previous directives that banned cargoes of Qatar origin from UAE waters and ports, and those of UAE origin from Qatar.

GPS interference reported in Mediterranean and Red Seas

U.S. Maritime Advisory 2018-014 informs of a continued GPS interference by vessels and aircraft operating in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea It is causing the alternation of GPS signals and affects the navigation and communication of vessels. GPS interference is causing the loss or the alternation of GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing and communications equipment.   

Egypt reduces fees for ships arriving at East Port Said

Container ships and ferries coming from foreign ports to East Port Said will enjoy a discount at tariffs for a period of one year. A 30% discount on port, docking and guiding fees will apply for vessels carrying less than 80,000 tonnes while those carrying more than that will receive a 40% discount.

Arab ports ban entry to Qatari vessels

Further to the recent announcement that several Arabic states have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, the ship traffic from and to Qatar was suspended by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt. The Saudi Arabia Port Authority confirmed that no vessel will be allowed coming from or going to Qatar, regardless of the vessels’ flag or owners nationality.

Problems with fender and berth in Egypt

The UK P&I Club informs that problems with fender and berth claims in Egypt which were previously reported, still exist and reminds operators to take specific precautions in order to avoid such claims.

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