Captain fined after cargo vessel grounding

The captain of the Dutch motor vessel ‘Ruyter’ that ran aground at Rathlin Island has been fined £1,000 at Armagh Magistrate’s Court, after pleading guilty to failing to keep a proper look out. 

ECDIS safeguards ignored at Muros grounding

The bulk carrier Muros ran aground on Haisborough Sand last December. UK MAIB report identified that Muros’s route was planned and monitored by the 2/O using the vessel’s ECDIS. However, system and procedural safeguards intended to prevent grounding were either overlooked, disabled or ignored.

Inadequate passage planning causes hull damage

In its Safety Digest, UK MAIB describes an incident of hull damage of a ro-ro ferry, highlighting the importance of having a passage planning, even when crews are familiar with a route, as well as of using correctly ECDIS as an aid to navigation.

Lessons from marine accident reports

Safety Digest The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) published its Safety Digest 1/2011.This edition discussed poor application and knowledge…

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