Keeping charts up to date is important for safe navigation

In its monthly “Risk Watch” report, the Britannia P&I Club informs ship operators on the importance of ensuring a correct appliance of charts, on ships that are using traditional paper charts, as well as on ships that are using ECDIS as the primary means for navigation.

Britannia Club advises how to avoid collision

In its monthly “Risk Watch” report ,the Britannia P&I Club issued one out of a series of posters aiming to collision avoidance. The poster deals with look-out and the use of AIS and concerns the Rule 5 of the International Collision Regulations (COLREGs), which requires ships to use all available means to make a full appraisal of each time situation.

ECDIS upgrading: What you should do

Only few months have been left for ECDIS updates. DNV GL has recently experienced an increased number of queries related to this issue and highlights key points from consideration.

Few months left for ECDIS updates

IHO has revised its ENCs standards for ECDIS, therefore, all ECDIS systems used on board a vessel are required to receive updated functions before 31 August 2017. In case the software renewal is not applicable so as the system to be compatible with the latest IHO standards, the ECDIS itself should be replaced before the deadline.

UK P&I Club highlights the importance of ECDIS training

While Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) have proved extremely helpful for navigation at sea, there are issues that should be considered when it is in use. George Devereese, Loss Prevention Executive at UK P&I Club, discusses issues of potential reliance on ECDIS, and advises that seafarers undergo the necessary navigational training.

CHIRP offers seafarers best practice on ECDIS use

Passage planning is key, and CHIRP gives advice guidance for seafarers using ECDIS, following a report by the UKHO that ECDIS issues are on the rise. There are over 30 ECDIS manufacturers, so seafarers need to be familiar with their own system, and make sure that the system is up to date and corrections have been carried out. Non-compliance leads to detention, and threatens the safety of the crew, the ship and the marine environment.

Majority of global SOLAS fleet now ECDIS ready

UKHO data published at Posidonia shows that the majority of the global SOLAS fleet is now compliant with the SOLAS regulations on ECDIS carriage as well as significant progress in ECDIS readiness for large cargo. ships

IMO extends ECDIS transition period

The IMO sub-committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR) has extended the transition period for software updates to existing ECDIS for one year to 31 Aug 2017.

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