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STM Validation Project for safer and more efficient industry

The MONALISA 2.0 project’s successor, Sea Traffic Management (STM) Validation Project, aims to be the next step for a more efficient and environmentally friendly maritime sector. For this large e-navigation project, 300 ships will start using STM services on-board, 13 ports will implement Port CDM solutions and the world’s largest civil maritime simulator network will be enlarged and used for extensive testing of complex traffic situations.

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e-Navigation in app mode

A sizeable number of apps have been developed for the maritime industry, with functions ranging from checklists that help with international convention requirements to TripAdvsor type apps that inform sailors about facilities in marinas. However, few apps are available to support professional commercial navigation.

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Guidelines for e-Navigation

e-Navigation holds great promise to enhance safety and efficiency in the international maritime industry. To help ensure that the promise of e-navigation is realised, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has taken steps to improve the development processes for new navigational systems.

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GMDSS modernization on agenda

The modernization of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), e-navigation implementation and new and amended ships’ routeing proposals are among items on a busy agenda as the third session of IMO’s Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communication, Search and Rescue (NCSR) gets underway (29 February-4 March).

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IMO: E-navigation Underway

E-navigation can offer enhanced safety, better environmental protection, improved traffic management and commercial benefits; and both the technological advances and the advantages they can bring are continuing to evolve. That was the message from IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim in his keynote speech to the International E-Navigation Underway conference

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