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The changing face of e-navigation

During his presentation at 2019 SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum, Capt. Mark Bull, Director, Trafalgar Navigation, gave an insight concerning e-navigation, pointing out that we are on the threshold of a major change in our industry; it has already started and it is now picking up speed.

How e-navigation will transform passage planning

During the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference, Børge Hetland, Director of Sales & Marketing at NAVTOR, shared the company’s experience from its’ involvement in European Research & Development projects to describe how the emerging technology is expected to transform the four stages of the Passage Planning procedure in the very near future. His conclusion was that e-Navigation has already started to transform the passage planning process, and it will result in enormous time savings for navigators when preparing voyages – which means increased efficiency and consequently cost savings.

Don’t be misled by the apparent accuracy of electronic navigation aids

Although modern satellite systems have reached a landmark for maritime navigation and navigators vastly rely on ECDIS data, safe navigation requires also from mariners to take into consideration the accuracy and reliability of the source hydrographic data, Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention at Standard P&I Club, highlighted. 

NAVTOR: Improving Passage Planning is vital

Mr. Tor Svanes, CEO, NAVTOR, notes that passage planning is a huge administrative burden for operators and further talks about key issues to consider when providing e-navigation solutions for vessels. In addition, he mentions that although technology offers benefits for shipping and automation is approaching, human element should always be at the center of attention.

From small steps to giant leaps: digitalisation on the bridge

Digitalisation is throwing up daily challenges to the shipping industry’s established order with faster connectivity and enhanced functionality driving the transparency of information flow across almost every area of the business, argues Mr. Jan Thordan Hansen, director, Global Business Development, Sperry Marine.

ECDIS: Frozen in time

ECDIS was ahead of its time until the regulators got involved. Now it’s at risk of becoming a dinosaur, argues Transas CEO Frank Coles.

E Navigation, ECDIS & Autonomous Ships

Mr Willy Zeiler highlighted that e-Navigation is central to delivering tomorrow’s technology, but its powerful benefits can be exploited today. Using data as a facilitator, it simplifies tasks, reduces workloads, enhances safety and environmental performance, and delivers real economic advantages for the industry. Autonomous vessels are a natural step forward for the discipline, with connected, digitized ships that perform with optimal efficiency, safety and security.

ECDIS and Digital Products as part of E-Navigation

Konstantinos Seretis, Projects and Product Development Manager, SRH Marine Electronics S.A, referred to “ECDIS and Digital Products as part of E-Navigation“ during his presentation at the 2017 SMART4SEA Conference & Awards. He briefly explained the e-navigation concept; it includes the harmonized collection, integration, exchange, presentation and analysis of marine information on board and ashore by electronic means, therefore, ECDIS & Digital Products have major role.

E-navigation: charting the route to autonomous vessels

Autonomous vessels are set to be a reality in the future, but work on them is well underway in the present. Here Willy Zeiler, NAVTOR Marketing and Communication Manager, outlines how e-Navigation will help turn an ambitious concept into reality.

e-Navigation Solutions in the Smart Shipping Context

Willy Zeiler, Marketing & Communications Manager, NAVTOR analysed the ‘’e-navigation solutions in the smart shipping context’’ during the 2016 SMART4SEA Forum using the example of his company’s back-of-bridge planning software which simplifies the process of safe and economical route planning, including easy access to and use of digital e-Nav information.


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