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Key points of the IMO’s NCSR 7 outcome

In NCSR 7, the IMO agreed to recognize the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) for the provision of positioning, navigation and timing services, while it finalized draft SOLAS amendments for the modernization of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

SHI and SK Telecom test a 5G-powered ship

The Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in collaboration with the telecommunications operator SK Telecom (SKT) came together for the development and verification of a 5-G based autonomous and remote control navigation test platform, with the use of a test ship.

NAPA, ChartWorld to provide AI voyage optimization

NAPA, a maritime software, services and data analysis provider and ChartWorld, a digital chart agent, announced their partnership to provide artificial intelligence-driven voyage planning and optimization. The solution incorporates modules for evaluating the operational efficiency of past voyages. It then uses this data to improve the efficiency of future transits where there are similar variables and trends.

From small steps to giant leaps: digitalisation on the bridge

Digitalisation is throwing up daily challenges to the shipping industry’s established order with faster connectivity and enhanced functionality driving the transparency of information flow across almost every area of the business, argues Mr. Jan Thordan Hansen, director, Global Business Development, Sperry Marine.

IALA releases new guidelines to improve digital services

During IALA’s 65th session, its Council adopted a new specification guideline for digital services in the maritime domain, with input from EfficienSea2, to give digital solutions work across different oceans and different equipment.

Speedcast forms alliance with SRH Marine

Speedcast International Limited, provider of remote communication and IT solutions, announced a strategic alliance with SRH Marine, to deliver a simplified solution for the operation, certification, management and maintenance of all bridge electronics onboard vessels.

European e-Navigation solutions tested for human factors

Aiming to implement smart solutions for a safe and sustainable shipping, the EU-funded EfficienSea2 project has finished a full-scale simulation of a variety of e-Navigation solutions. The simulations involved 8 navigators and took four days, at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, focusing on the human factors in e-Navigation.

Project improving marine traffic launched in Singapore

In cooperation with Maritime and Port Authority in Singapore, Kongsberg demonstrated its SESAME Straits project, at Singapore Maritime Technology Conference. The project utilizes e-Navigation concepts to reduce maritime traffic congestion and hot spots, as well as improve traffic safety and efficiency.


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