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Tanzania revokes foreign vessel registration

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli, stated last week that he will suspend the registration of foreign ships in Tanzania, after incidents in which ships carrying the flag of Tanzania were caught with drugs. Furthermore, Mr. Magufuli ordered all of the ships under the Tanzanian flag to be investigated.

Spain forces make largest seizure of cocaine on containership

The drug trafficking organization had carefully camouflaged 5,883 kilograms of cocaine, distributed in 5,299 pills, “perfectly hidden” inside containers with a shipment of bananas onboard the vessel ‘Banak’, coming from Colombia and heading to El Prat. The value of this quantity is estimated at 210 million euros.

Cocaine seized in vessel off Portugal

The Judiciary Police of Portugal, in collaboration with the Portuguese Navy and Air Force has in recent days triggered an operation to combat illicit traffic in narcotic drugs by sea, which resulted in the interception , in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, of a container carrier that was being used to transport high amounts of cocaine.

$20 million cocaine seized in vessel in New Zealand

The New Zealand police seized the country’s largest ever shipment of cocaine which arrived to the port of Tauranga from Chile on Tuesday 31 October, with the crime syndicate approaching the vessel and retrieving the cocaine from a hidden compartment on the exterior of the hull.

USCG sees resurgence of low-profile smuggling vessels

The US Coast Guard has interdicted seven low-profile drug smuggling vessels since June 2017, resulting in the seizure of more than 22,850 pounds of cocaine worth over $306 million. Low-profile vessels are specifically designed for smuggling illicit cargo such as drugs, weapons and cash.

Crew finds drugs onboard Danaos container ship

An unidentified quantity of drugs was found onboard the Greek container ship DIMITRIS C, while she was in the port of Ilo, Peru, on September 14. The drugs were found by the ship’s crew, during routine inspection, in accordance with the company’s inspection policy.

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