Watch: Robot drones to inspect offshore wind farms

A new project launched, aims to construct the world’s first fully autonomous robotic inspection solution, in favour of offshore wind farms. The project will cost $5 million, and the robots are expected to save the average of wind farm by about $33 million. In the meantime, it aspires to present the idea that offshore wind operations and maintenance missions can take place by autonomous and digital means.

Watch: NASA drops 100 drones tiny enough to fit in a hand

NASA’s Langley Research Center released a video last week showing four large drones releasing over 100 smaller drones known as ‘Cicadas’, at the Beaver Dam Airpark in Virginia. Cicada, developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory, stands for “Close-in Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft.”

Watch: Salvage team detonates torpedoes from sunken Helge Ingstad

Although the delay was long concerning weather conditions, the salvage process for the sunken Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad is almost completed, and the Norwegian Navy expects to raise it on February 7 for transport to a nearby naval base. Salvage divers managed to remove the majority of the frigate’s missiles and torpedoes for disposal. As the torpedoes were too sensitive to be transferred, they were destroyed nearby.

Watch: Aquadrone cleans ports and harbours from waste

In an attempt to reduce the vast amount of plastic in the oceans, the Dutch company RanMarine Technology built an aquadrone that sucks up garbage from the water. The drone is called the WasteShark, and it can remove up to 200 liters of trash in one trip, as well as alien/pest flora.

Watch: Underwater reef protector tested for Great Barrier Reef

An underwater drone that can keep watch on reef health and accurately identify and inject the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish is ready to be put to the test on the Great Barrier Reef, as a result of a collaboration between QUT, Google and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Watch: Drones surveying port construction project

An automated drone system by the company Airobotics is being used, with the aim to survey and map the construction of the new Gulf Port in Haifa, Israel.
The drones, which are fully automated and they don’t need someone to operate them, perform reclamation areas surveys; Breakwater construction monitoring; and Stockpile measurement.

DNV GL carries out its first offshore drone survey

DNV GL surveyors have carried out the classification society’s first offshore drone survey on the semisubmersible vessel Safe Scandinavia in the North Sea. This 25,383 GT tender support vessel (TSV) is owned and operated by Prosafe, supporting Statoil’s drilling operations off the coast of Norway. Using camera-equipped drones, DNV GL’s drone pilots checked the TSV’s fairleads and their connection with the vessel’s two columns as part of the intermediate survey.

WSS: Are drones a game changer for last mile deliveries?

Wilhelmsen Ships Service launched a video, presenting the several reasons why the drones could be a game changer in the maritime industry. Except for the significant cost savings, the company also points out the speedier deliveries and less labour dependence.

Drone captures whale dancing under boat

Drone has not lost a thing of a whale dancing under a boat during a sea trip in August 2016 in New Caledonia ( South Pacific ) . Whales offered a water ballet far beyond passenger expectations.

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