Port of Amsterdam trials monitoring system to explore drones

The Port of Amsterdam is set to conduct a four-week drone detection system trial, aimed to build understanding of how, where and why drones are flying over the Port of Amsterdam, as well as to monitor the potential of drones for numerous use applications across its, and its customers’ operations. 

China bans drones in Shanghai Port

China’s Maritime Safety Administration will carry out special security inspections on vessels entering Shanghai Huangpu River & Yangtze River Shanghai from 15 September through to 15 November. If a ship entering the concerned waters is found to be carrying a drone, the MSA will require the vessel to dispose it immediately.

Watch: Drones surveying port construction project

An automated drone system by the company Airobotics is being used, with the aim to survey and map the construction of the new Gulf Port in Haifa, Israel.
The drones, which are fully automated and they don’t need someone to operate them, perform reclamation areas surveys; Breakwater construction monitoring; and Stockpile measurement.


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