New aerial drone sniffing sulphur emissions from ships in Denmark

Over the next four months, a new drone is tested over the Great Belt to monitor emissions from ships sailing on the busy Route T, the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) announced. EMSA provides the drone, which will operate in a specific area north of the Great Belt.

Time has come to renew CLC, bunkers, Athens, wreck removal certificates

The Danish Maritime Authority informed that it is time to renew the CLC, bunkers, Athens and wreck removal certificates. Namely, insurance certificates must be renewed once a year when the underlying insurance expires. Certified vessels shall not enter into service without a valid certificate.

EU-budget for structural funds now it its final phase

The EU-budget for structural funds is in its final phase of the current budget period, but there are still some funding opportunities available for maritime projects, as the Danish Maritime Authority informs. The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme has open calls for seed money projects with deadline on December 9, 2019.

Denmark maintains QUALSHIP 21 status

The Danish maritime Authority announced Denmark has maintained its status through the US Coast Guard’s QUALSHIP 21 program. The program recognizes and rewards vessels, as well as their owners and Flag Administrations, for their commitment to safety and quality.

Seafarers on Danish ships no longer need Danish health certificates

Starting from 1st September, seafarers on Danish ships no longer need to hold Danish health certificates, the Danish Maritime Authority announced, in line with a changing scheme for medical examinations of seafarers and fishermen. Instead, the certificate must follow international rules.

Danish ship passes official PSC with digital certificates

Shortly after it revealed plans for a new digital Danish Register of Shipping, the Danish Maritime Authority informed it reached an important milestone for digital certificates in Ningbo, China. The Danish-flagged container ship ‘Mumbai Maersk’ passed PSC without remarks, only using digital certificates.

Denmark plans digital register of shipping

The Danish Maritime Authority revealed plans to start developing the new digital Danish Register of Shipping, expected to be operational by 2020. With a digital register of shipping, it seeks to reduce administrative burden and lower costs for business communities.

Key Sustainability Challenges for the Maritime Industry

Danish Maritime sees sustainability challenges for the maritime sector as commercial rather than technical. Solutions are available either in the market or as proven pilot projects, but wide implementation is lagging due to split incentives and delays in legislation, argues Jenny Braat. 

Denmark’s digital certificate project begins its voyage

The Danish Maritime Authority announced the launch of a pilot project concerning digital certificates for seafarers. The Mumbai Maersk vessel sailed on May 29 from Port of Aarhus towards destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia with crew certificates that are entirely digital instead of traditional paper certificates.

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