Cosco, Navis launch digital Center of Excellence

Navis collaborated with Cosco Shipping Ports Limited to create a joint Center of Excellence. The two companies launched the centre in September 2018, to provide resources for N4 implementation projects across Cosco Shipping Ports’ operation.

Majority of businesses close to full digitalization, survey finds

Software and information provider, INTTRA, presented the results of an industry survey, which tried to understand the appetite of businesses for digital transformation. Specifically, the survey found that 71% of the respondents are well on their way to full digitalization.

New blockchain platform for shipping launched

CargoX launched the CargoX platform which is an open, neutral, and accessible blockchain platform in the shipping industry. Through this platform companies can transfer documentation via a cryptographically secure environment. Participants to a closed process will be able to see who owns the document, while documentation can be changed or resent if necessary.

Woodmac: Digitalization can bring major cost savings for upstream sector

In an earlier insight, marine energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie identified up to US$150bn in annual operating cost savings that could be achieved in the energy and natural resources sectors through digitalisation. In its latest research, Woodmac takes a closer look at the likely digitalization impact on the upstream sector, noting that the oil and gas industry has always been at the cutting edge of technological innovation. 

Port of Hamburg: 5G app succeeded in field testing

The Port of Hamburg Authority along with partners successfully tested an innovative 5G application focusing on fixed-line and mobile communications that will contribute to the efficient operation of the port. 5G is a new network concept that aspires to enhance the traffic in the port of Hamburg and provide a helpful tool for HPA. It allows networks to be adapted dynamically and flexibly to the demands of a broad spectrum of applications.

New seafarer app and training facilities launched

Marine support services company V.Group will unveil a new app for seafarers and an upgraded training centre in Manila as progress is ongoing on Project Embark. The app will be providing seafarer data to improve crewing performance and assist in planning.

Maritime e-procurement scores two out of 10, report says

ShipServ published the results of its latest research ‘e-procurement in Maritime; 2021 and Beyond’. In this research ShipServ analyzes the e-procurement within the maritime industry and says that today’s market evolution scores two out of 10. 50% of CPOs and CPMs still use their e-procurement systems for transactional purposes.

3D classification process applied to naval vessel

Bureau Veritas, Naval Group and Dassault Systèmes announced that a 3D classification process has been applied to a naval vessel for the first time. This project aims to reduce the time and costs of design review and improve data accuracy and traceability. 


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