E-navigation technologies: To trust or not to trust

In today’s smart environment, e-navigation remains a controversial subject of discussion, with some supporting that its aim is to assist operations, while others believe that seafarers may find it difficult to trust an autonomous system.

Ocean Infinity acquires world’s largest robotic vessels to its fleet

Following the developments in automation, Ocean Infinity announced that it signed a contract for eight 78-metre, optionally crewed robotic vessels to be added at its Armada fleet. It is stated that the new vessels will be controlled by people onshore and will initially only utilise a skeleton crew onboard. In addition, they will be capable of working with no personnel offshore whilst also consuming solely renewable fuel such as ammonia.

Autonomous shipping becomes a reality in EU

European researchers are taking part in a project designing ships with varying degrees of autonomy, in efforts to improve trade and moving of goods in Europe, which has been facing barriers due to labour shortages.

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