Cyber security: the more knowledge the better

Considering shipping’s digitalization era, a common issue that owners and operators are dealing with is cyber security crime, which certainly poses a major risk for companies’ software value. However, it is proved that the more knowledge companies have, the better decision they can make, in response to those malicious activities.

Working from home: Three key actions to avoid cyber risks 

Cyber risks are a continuous challenge for the shipping industry, with the COVID-19 pandemic worsening the current risks. Yet, there are a number of steps that the industry can take to either mitigate the risks or be fully-protected from future, potential threats. 

New cyber-security solution for maritime moves forward

Bureau Veritas (BV) has awarded type approval certification to an ICT solution, which provides a centralized IT environment onboard for digital infrastructure and ship-to-shore communications that are managed and administered remotely on a 24-hour basis.

Cybersecurity: How to handle a cyber-attack

Cyber-attacks are calling the shipping industry to take crucial steps. Several attacks have been reported until now, with the most recent, the attack against the IMO. These incidents outline the importance to invest in cyber security as shipping accelerates its path towards digitalization.

Cyber security: Why training is critical

The shipping industry is going with the flow and has entered digitalization; Yet, digitalization comes with challenges, one of which is the importance of being cyber secure. In this series, we will analyze the challenge of being secure in a world full of hackers and scammers and will share some tips on how to achieve cyber resilience.

P&I Clubs: Putting the hacker’s hat on concerning cyber attacks

October, being recognized as Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), calls for more attention on cyber issues and digitalization. Although we have discussed the numerous dangers and risks arising from a cyber-attack, a new point of view is here, the one of how a P&I Club responds to an attack.

Dos and Dont’s to ensure your cyber confidence in shipping

It is widely known that digitalization is here to stay and the shipping industry is showing great signs of development, from the use of drones, to the now remote surveys’ and inspections’ implementation due to COVID-19. However, cyber incidents are still being reported, so what is the industry doing wrong?

Cyber crime to reach USD 1.5 trn worldwide in 2020

Digitalization comes with great risk, as cyber crime rises at an unprecedented rate and the cost of it is expected to reach USD 1.5 trn worldwide in 2020, highlighting the importance of cyber security.

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