Drones to efficiently improve oil and gas industry

A recently-launched report by Global Data, highlights the importance of drones in oil and gas industries, adding that drones will be proven to be beneficial in operations such as monitoring and surveillance of oil and gas sectors.

5G satellites to improve the shipping industry

5G emerges in the shipping industry, playing a crucial role in the development of maritime technologies; 5G, once it sets in the industry, will play a crucial role in communications, providing an improved high-quality voice and data communications.

Port of Zeebrugge gets its own 5G network

Port of Zeebrugge is going to invest in a superfast 5G network. The network may begin operations this year, but according to the authority of the port, it will be the accelerator and a major factor for innovation in and around the port.

Partnership sparks 5G future to Belfast Harbour

On Friday, October 18, BT together with mixed reality partners Ubimax and VRtuoso demonstrated the apparent benefits that 5G can deliver to business and industry, with live demonstrations of augmented and virtual reality, for the first time throughout the UK, to the Belfast Harbour.

Satellites to monitor ships that turn off their AIS

Startup UnseenLabs informed about its intentions to launch up to six more ship-tracking cubesats during 2020. The satellites aim to monitor maritime traffic, by using orbiting sensors to track vessels that turn off their AIS. Unseenlabs aspires to establish 20 to 50 satellites in low Earth orbit.

Connectivity is a crucial part for maritime industry, Wartsila says

Wärtsilä discusses the importance of connectivity when onboard, as the idea on being in the middle of the ocean sometimes comes with the essence of danger and loneliness. Despite cruise ships and ferries that transfer people, the overall fleet isn’t equipped with high-tech features to boost seafarers’ connectivity. 


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