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Do you know how many ranks and duties exist onboard? 

Seafaring is a profession that requires ranks and duties to be specific, so that everyone onboard will know what to do, as several procedures have to be conducted at the same time; Thus, each one of these roles carries unique responsibilities which are crucial for the successful operation of a vessel.

First phase of remote machinery operation testing project completed

DNV GL, automation systems vendor Høglund, ferry operator Fjord1, and the Norwegian Maritime Authority have finalized the first testing phase of the ROMAS (Remote Operation of Machinery and Automation Systems) project. The parties presented the results for the first time at the Nor-Shipping trade fair in Oslo.

Uneven surfaces in machinery spaces lead to injuries

IMCA published a safety flash concerning the accidents that take place in vessel machinery spaces. In the specific safety flash, two crew members were slightly injured. The injury was caused due to uneven surfaces that caused one crew member twisting their foot, and the other one having a medical treatment to the shoulder.

Deck machinery must be assessed for polar compatibility

With the Polar Code now in force, Thordon Bearings has urged shipowners and managers to verify that their vessels’ deck machinery and systems can operate safely in the extreme temperatures encountered in Arctic and Antarctic seas.

Crane block failures on IHI and IHI-WMMP deck cranes on log ship

The Maritime New Zealand has issued Safety Bulletin to draw attention to a number of recent crane block failures on IHI and IHI-WMMP deck cranes on log ships and to make available advice from the manufacturer as to the correct operation of the cranes and their recommended remedial action.

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