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Watch: CMA CGM achieved 17% CO2 reduction since 2015

In light of the World Environment Day, CMA CGM published its 2018 CSR Report, according to which the Group has achieved a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions per container transported per kilometer between 2005 and 2015. It has achieved a further 17% reduction between 2015 and 2018, in line with its 2025 objective of -30%.

Watch: The road of shipping towards decarbonisation

The Friends of Ocean Action, a coalition of over 50 ocean leaders who seek solutions to the most pressing challenges for the ocean, organized an Ocean Day in Davos, in the beginning of March. The event touched upon shipping emissions and the possibility of a carbon free future.

Watch: Issues affecting the shipping industry

The Global Maritime Forum gives an insight in major issues that seem to affect the shipping industry on a global scale. It is based on research between senior maritime stakeholders from more than 50 countries, and their perceptions on the impact, likelihood, and preparedness on a number of issues potentially affecting the global maritime industry.

Watch: Greater energy efficiency to reduce energy demand from 2030

In this video, Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO of DNV GL, and Sverre Alvik, ETO Programme Director, explain the findings of the Energy Transition Outlook. They say that until 2050, energy from renewables will meet 50% of our energy needs. However, currently we are on course to miss the 2⁰C goal by Paris Agreement.

Watch: How decarbonization affects ship finance

In this video, James Mitchell, Manager at Rocky Mountain Institute discusses the climate transition risks that shipping financiers face as countries begin to implement the Paris Agreement. He also discusses how decarbonization poses a significant opportunity for financiers who understand it and mitigate for it early.

UK Chamber: We have to go faster on decarbonisation

The UK Chamber of Shipping’s Communications Director, Jonathan Roberts, is talking with respect to the ongoing efforts currently discussed at IMO MEPC 72 to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. Mr. Roberts noted that any agreement reached this week will be a stepping stone in the global shipping decarbonisation deal.

Environment will be the focus point during 2018

Entering in 2018, BIMCO’s CEO and Secretary General, Angus Frew, mentioned that the most important issue this year will be the environment, with GHG strategies and the 2020 sulphur cap being the most significant.


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