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There are concerns regarding open-loop scrubbers in ports, BPA says

The Chairman of the British Ports Association has urged for a return to stability and a relentless focus on creating a business environment that supports investment and skills. What is more, BPA believes that ports and shipping are very much part of the solution to UK decarbonisation challenges, but it raised concerns regarding the use of open-loop scrubbers in ports.

ABS presents Low Carbon Shipping outlook

ABS launched its ABS Low Carbon Shipping Outlook which defines ship technologies, operational efficiencies and alternative fuels and energy sources that are needed to achieve the 2030 and 2050 goals. To achieve cleaner and low carbon emissions, the shipping industry will need a better understanding of existing technologies and strategies while new technology, including fuels, will need to be developed.

Watch: Issues affecting the shipping industry

The Global Maritime Forum gives an insight in major issues that seem to affect the shipping industry on a global scale. It is based on research between senior maritime stakeholders from more than 50 countries, and their perceptions on the impact, likelihood, and preparedness on a number of issues potentially affecting the global maritime industry.

Global Maritime Forum: Decarbonization, digitalization, safety high on the agenda

The report ‘Breaking New Ground’ presents the outcomes of the Global Maritime Forum’s recent Annual Summit in Hong Kong. The high-level meeting gathered 200 decision-makers from across the entire maritime spectrum to address key challenges and opportunities facing global seaborne trade. The Summit discussed about decarbonisation, digitalization and improving safety.

Top 10 issues concerning the future of shipping

2019 kicked off with the data collection on fuel oil consumption, alternative mechanisms to comply with the 2020 Sulphur cap, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, the IMSBC Code 2017 amendment as well as amendments designating North Sea and Baltic Sea as ECAs. With many more regulations and developments still yet to come, nations from all across the globe, ship operators and crew are going through a key period because of ten major issues that will have significant impact over the next ten years in the shipping industry.

Global Maritime Forum ‘breaks new ground’ for the shipping industry

The Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit took place in Hong Kong on 3-4 October 2018. This high-level meeting gathered maritime leaders to discuss industry-wide, long-term challenges and opportunities. Under the theme ‘Breaking New Ground, Digitalisation’,  the forum discussed about decarbonisation, gender cap and the future of the industry in an environment characterized by fast-paced changes.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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