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Salvage on vessels carrying pollutants increased in 2017

The International Salvage Union published its Pollution Survey results for 2017, noting that last year, it provided 252 services to vessels carrying more than 3.4 million tonnes of potential polluting cargoes, a significant increase from 2016. The most significant factor in the increase in 2017 is a larger number of bulk cargoes.

INTERCARGO warns of increased Indonesian cargo liquefaction risk

INTERCARGO issued a reminder on the wet season in Indonesia, which runs from October to April.
Those trading in the area are advised to be especially cautious when accepting cargoes from Indonesia and the surrounding region during the wet season and especially at times of heavy rainfall.

Explosive cargo on seized freighter not illegal, says owner

The cargo of explosives onboard the Tanzania-flagged cargo ship “Andromeda” that was seized by Greek authorities on January 8, off Crete island was legal, according to the manager of the owner company as cited by local media.

Hellenic forces seize freighter smuggling explosive cargo

The Hellenic Coast Guard seized the Tanzania-flagged cargo ship ‘Andromeda’, after it found 29 containers with explosives, detonators and other equipment in Greek waters. The ship was sailing in the sea area of the southern island of Crete, was also carrying eleven LPG tanks, that upon investigation, were found empty.

Countdown: The top shipping stories of 2017

Major challenges mixed with significant developments made 2017 an interesting year for the maritime industry. The agenda of events included from rise of technology trends and vessel automation, to cyber security issues and piracy revival.

Vessel detained in Salerno for carrying scrap cargo

The Bulgaria-flagged general cargo ship ‘Seven Star’ was detained in Salerno, Italy, as she was found carrying a cargo of hazardous iron waste, which is to be offloaded at the port and arrested. 

Caustic soda should be handled with greatest care

A C/O was seriously injured on board due to caustic soda which splashed into his face, entering under the edge of his protective mask. If the PPE does not fit, is not suitable for purpose, or cannot be worn for some reason, stop the work until proper protection can be provided, UK MAIB says.

Liquefaction testing is inadequate, ABTO says

The Association of Bulk Terminal Operators has called for a complete overhaul of the cargo sampling and liquefaction testing protocols for raw ores and less common cargoes, such as nickel ore, fine wet coal and bauxite, pointing out that the current methods for danger identification are inadequate, specially in ports where conditions are inclement.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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