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ECSA: HNS convention must be swiftly ratified by all Member States

On the occasion of Denmark’s ratification of the 2010 HNS Convention earlier this week, ECSA welcomed the move, noting however that the International liability and compensation regime covering pollution damage caused by ships needs to be swiftly ratified by all Member States.

Denmark becomes the fourth to ratify HNS Convention

Denmark has officially become the fourth state to accede to the global regime on compensation for damage caused by the carriage by sea of hazardous and noxious substances of the 2010 HNS convention. The Danish minister of business has requested the DMA to enforce the rules of the convention in Denmark.

Salvage on vessels carrying pollutants increased in 2017

The International Salvage Union published its Pollution Survey results for 2017, noting that last year, it provided 252 services to vessels carrying more than 3.4 million tonnes of potential polluting cargoes, a significant increase from 2016. The most significant factor in the increase in 2017 is a larger number of bulk cargoes.


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