Wallem’s Frank Coles: Reality never changed as fast as it is happening today

During the 2020 SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum, in a keynote address to delegates, Frank Coles, Group Chief Executive, Wallem, provided an overview of the current realities shipping has to encounter, highlighting that the industry is neither special, nor immune from the 4th industrial revolution. The longer it resists, the greater the pain is going to be and if it wants to be special, it needs to reinvent itself and “forget the dinosaurs and their havens of denial”.

Cyprus: Shipping industry negatively affected by the coronavirus

According to Cyprus’s Deputy Minister for Shipping, Natasa Pilides, the country’s shipping industry has been largely affected by the global spread of coronavirus. Ms Pilides also informed that the industry is following the guidelines of the ministry of health and is carrying out checks on board ships entering Cypriot ports.

Greece, Cyprus discuss about their new ferry link

The Greek Ministry of Tourism along with the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry attended a meeting and discussed several issues concerning the maritime tourism and the new ferry connection line between the two regions, which is estimated to start during summer 2020.

Cyprus expresses concerns on increased port tariffs

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) recently expressed its concerns on the increased charges at Limassol port, fearing that will have a negative result upon the competitiveness of the shipping  market. For the records, the charges have been applied from 1st of February.

Ferry connection between Piraeus – Limassol launched

Port of Piraeus, Greece will be from now on ferry connected to Limassol, Cyprus. According to the Shipping Deputy Minister of Cyprus, Natasa Pilides, efforts are underway in order the ferry trip to be launched and available by this summer. For the records, the return ferry ticket is estimated to cost around €130 per person, including the port fees.

Cyprus’ shipping sector reaches €1.034 billion in 2018

In light of the Maritime Cyprus Conference, which is taking part in Limassol, Cyprus, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades highlights the country’s discoveries of hydrocarbons in Eastern Mediterranean region and adds that the income from the ship management companies in 2018 reached the €1.034 billion.

Cyprus considers updating its tonnage tax system

Cyprus is thinking of updating its tonnage tax system and its pricing policy for the registration of ships, a project that is in line with its targeted measures to enhance the competitiveness of the Cyprus shipping industry, President Nicos Anastasiades reported.

Russian Register extends cooperation with Cyprus

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping signed a new agreement with the Maritime Administration of Cyprus, expanding the scope of authority delegated to the Russian Maritime Register for the inspection of ships flying the flag of Cyprus. 


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