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IMO experiences cyber attack

Following some technical issues in IMO’s public website, the organization informed that the interruption of service was caused by a cyber attack against their IT systems.

CMA CGM recovers after cyber attack

In response to the cyber attack that shipping giant CMA CGM Group recently experienced, the company informed that all communications are now secured.

US Navy to protect sailors from cyber threats

The US Navy recently launched a new program in order to advise sailors and their relatives of potential adversarial threats in the digital field. In fact, the program will focus on the cyber vulnerabilities, including adversaries’ ability to target and track individual sailors on social media.

How to act smarter than a hacker

In its November edition of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea focuses on how to get ahead of the hackers, in light of the increasing cyber attacks; Security experts recommend shipowners to improve the training of their staff, making them able to rapidly identify fake emails and ensure they are ready to adapt to the IMO 2021 changes. 

Shipping has a long way to fully-achieve cyber security

IEC Telecom, satellite communications expert, alerts on the challenges behind the cyber world and the importance of setting a base on cyber security and protection, so that the vessels will be able to follow safe paths on the Internet and not being threatened by viruses.

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