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How to establish a system operation security

The lack or even absence of a system operation security policies can result to cyber crimes. When an unnecessary or vulnerable service is activated there is a possibility that it could be detected through network scanning and an unauthorized access or malicious code distribution will be exploited to hack the service.

BIMCO to launch new cyber security clause

BIMCO launched a new standard Cyber Security Clause that requires the parties to implement cyber security procedures and systems, to help reduce the risk of an incident and limit the consequences in the possibility of a security breach occurring. 

AMSA warns about phone scams

AMSA warned that it has received reports that its phone number has been used to make scam phone calls. When the call is answered, a computer-generated voice can be heard. The voice claims to be from the Australian Tax Office. The Authority explained that if anyone receives an automated call pretending to be from AMSA, it is a scam, as AMSA does not use automated calling. 

7 Reasons why shipping is in the news

Sadly, shipping appears in the news mostly when it comes to noisy debate issues and warnings, while casualties and/or major agreements are the topics that attract readers the most, generate clicks and get shared. Which are these topics though and why? In addition to casualties, regulations and cyber-security issues are among the most prevalent.

Hackers now attack antivirus companies

Advanced Intelligence published a report revealing that three US-based antivirus software vendors have been breached, and a high-profile collective of Russian hackers is claiming responsibility. Specifically, Fxmsp is a hacking collective that has operated in various top-tier Russian- and English-speaking underground communities since 2017. They are known for targeting corporate and government networks worldwide.

MPA Singapore opens maritime cyber security centre

MPA Singapore inaugurated a new 24/7 Maritime Cyber security Operations Centre Thursday, aiming to boost Singapore’s maritime cyber security posture through early detection and response to potential cyber-attacks on maritime Critical Information Infrastructure.

Three key cyber-security terms explained

Cyber security, and especially cyber threats, are becoming more and important for the shipping industry, which gets affected as well. In order to help understand some of the basic terminology of cyber-security, the Korean Register of Shipping presents three key cyber terms. The terms are: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer); Man in the middle attack (MITM); and Sandbox.

Inside threats that affect OT and IT ops of a vessel

The Korean Register of Shipping provides an insight into the inside threats the maritime IT/OT systems face. Due to the development of the maritime sector, digitalization and automation experience many challenges, as cyber threats seem to be increasing.

Cyber-securing the web requires a fresh start

Looking for regulations to invest in cybersecurity requires a fresh start, keeping in mind that the digital world is developing everyday, while guidelines and rules can not keep up and adapt to a changing environment. The best way to achieve future cybersecurity is scrapping the web of today and start over by baking protections into the new version, according to the top security official at the Maritime Administration, Cameron Naron.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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