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Cyber Security Roundtable identifies key issues of concern

KVH Industries hosted maritime industry leaders for a frank discussion about cyber security prior to the start of the CMA Shipping 2016 conference in Stamford, Connecticut. During the roundtable, a range of concerns about the current level of vulnerability emerged. Among the key issues identified were complacency by ship operators, lack of training for crew, non-existent contingency plans for dealing with a cyber attack, and the need for a set of best practices for minimizing risks.

USCG: Voluntary cyber review for LNG facilities

The US Coast Guard issued a notice advising stakeholders of its collaboration with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on voluntary cyber reviews for MTSA-regulated liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities.

Cyber Security at Sea

Themistoklis Sardis, IT manager, AMMITEC focused his presentation on the ‘’Cyber Security at Sea’’ during the 2016 SMART4EA Forum. He provided a brief introduction of cyber security in general and then referred to cyber security issues related to the shipping industry. To enhance maritime cyber security awareness in the industry, he suggested addressing the issue in a risk based approach in order to avoid cyber threats and possible attacks on ships.

Software Quality and Cyber Safety

Paul R. Walters, Assistant Chief Engineer, ABS, explained why ‘Smart Ships Demands Quality Software and Cyber Security’ during the 2016 SMART4SEA Forum. He highlighted the need to improve software quality onboard marine and offshore assets. He addressed cybersecurity and Cybersafety pointing to four key elements for achieving safety and security objectives: traceability, documentation, transparency and verification. He explained that these requirements are self-evident and continue beyond the initial build into the maintenance phase.

Cyber Security at Sea

Themistoklis Sardis, IT manager, AMMITEC focused his presentation on the ‘’Cyber Security at Sea’’ during the 2016 SMART4SEA Forum.

ABS provides best practices for cyber security

ABS has issued a report on best practices for cybersecurity. The best practices are meant to provide insights for operations, maintenance and support of cyber-enabled systems, to better assure safety and security in those systems.

Cyber risk discussions with Coast Guard inspectors

The US Coast Guard addresses how vessel and facility owners and operators can enhance their cyber security by discussing their issues with Coast Guard inspectors, as well as the Area Maritime Security Committees.

USCG to address cyber risk management in marine transportation system

The USCG addressed issues regarding cyber risk management in the marine transportation system during the agency’s annual meeting. It was pointed out that the failure, unintended misuse, or exploitation of cyber systems controlling functions such as navigation, propulsion, cargo control, and security and environmental monitoring could have significant consequences.

Cyber Security: Threats and Risks

The exchange of electronic data between ship and shore has increased significantly in the past decade. The shipping industry’s use of remote monitoring of systems, diagnosis and remote maintenance will continue to increase, as will the information exchange between ships and authorities, service providers, charterers and owners/operators.


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