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Navarino backs CSO Alliance on cyber reporting

Maritime communications provider Navarino announced partnership with the CSO Alliance, aiming to help the maritime community enhance their level of cyber readiness to more effectively counter cyber crime. CSO Alliance partners are actively working to increase security awareness in the maritime industry.

AIG launches new model to assess companies' cyber risks

Multinational insurer American International Group, Inc. announced a new cyber benchmarking model that quantifies and scores cyber risk, by evaluating a company’s cyber security maturity against 10 common attack patterns across 11 commonly used technology devices.

Countdown: The top shipping stories of 2017

Major challenges mixed with significant developments made 2017 an interesting year for the maritime industry. The agenda of events included from rise of technology trends and vessel automation, to cyber security issues and piracy revival.

Hackers could sink a bulker, Pen Test Partners say

UK-based Penetration testing experts Pen Test Partners said that there is possibility hackers to deliberately cause an imbalance of cargo without the crew being aware by manipulating the loading data of its hull stress monitoring systems (HSMS).

Implementing an effective cyber security management plan

Ahead of EU GDPR entry into force, across the EU from 25th May 2018 onwards, an effective Cyber Security Management Plan could provide guidance to secure shipping companies and managed vessels from potential cyber threats.

The prospects and dangers of digitalization

CEO of VDE, Ansgar Hinz noted that the current technological advancements are very exciting. However, many of them are out of our control, so there is a need for sensor implementation, for data collection and control of these voltage and grid levels too. 

First software maintenance standard for shipping proposed

BIMCO and the international association for the marine electronics industry, CIRM, have sent the first proposal for an industry-wide standard for software maintenance to IMO for consideration. Absence of an industry-standard brings an increasing risk of incidents on ships, delays and costs to shipowners and cyber security problems, BIMCO notes.

Human factor: the biggest liability issue of cyber security

In its latest issue of “Phish & Ships”, Be Cyber Aware at sea, touches upon the issue of cyber security. It presents thoughts of of industry leaders, as well as advice and new guidance on how to deal with maritime cyber risks.

UK P&I Club: Cyber fraud still poses problems

The UK Club urges operators to ensure that their payments/accounts departments are reminded of the need to exercise caution, to be vigilant and to double check any changes to existing payment instructions.

Human element key to digital formula

To realise the full potential of digitalisation, the maritime sector must focus on behavioural change by the human element, argues Transas CEO Frank Coles. Failing to appreciate and understand properly how people interface with new technology can lead to poor implementation.  

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