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North Carolina Ports to improve its IT infrastructure

Versiant, a provider of software and support services for enterprise IT infrastructure, announced a partnership with North Carolina Ports, aiming to enhance the latter’s operational efficiency and security. Versiant also informed that they have successfully completed the first phase of an infrastructure refresh,

Stena CISO compares modern cyber practices to Titanic mistakes

Company managers and administrators are ignoring cyber threats just like the Captain of Titanic ignored warnings from other ships about the iceberg, said Magnus Carling, the Chief information security officer (CISO) of Swedish operator Stena AB.

US, Denmark, the Netherlands vow to cybersecurity collaboration

During the One Conference in Hague the Government of the US, Denmark and the Netherlands shared their vision on sharing a global, open, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet and stable cyberspace, and commitment to continued collaborative efforts in enhancing cyber security in the maritime sector. 

Cyber attacks threaten the US Navy

The US Navy discusses the challenges behind the Internet highlighting that cyber threat against the Navy is a reality. The cyber attacks affect the Navy’s security as anyone with a personal computer, smart phone or smart device is engaged to the battle. 

5 digital innovations that are changing the maritime industry

Although very accustomed to its traditional practices, the shipping industry is now entering a new era with digital innovations on more than 50,000 ships currently sailing the world’s oceans. In this article, Safebridge has researched and discovered the latest digital trends of the maritime industry.

Top 10 key facts about IoT and cyber-attacks

The new wave of technologies that are in high demand at the moment, includes of course the Internet of Things (IoT). By using data and digitalization, IoT aims to make assets and shipping operations more efficient, however the exact same thing is the challenge that this new and groundbreaking technology is called to overcome over the years to come. This article presents 10 key points to explain what IoT is, and can it help the shipping industry?

IMB protects shipping against fraudulent bills of lading

Gard issued a statement alerting about the incidence of fraudulent bills of lading, adding that the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) is a believer of prompt dissemination of relevant information is key to successful prevention and control. 

ClassNK establishes cross-sectional cyber security team

As cyber security for ships is entering a practical stage, ClassNK has established a cross-sectional cyber security project team made up of ship and security experts, in order to accelerate its cyber security service amid an expanding need of the shipping industry.

Under-reporting cyber attacks is a threat to the industry

In its September issue of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea addresses how vital it is for shipmanagers to report any cyber attack, as a typical phenomenon seems to be the reluctance on reporting cyber threats as they are afraid of damaging their reputation and image.


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