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Watch: Why USB sticks might be a threat

Be Cyber Aware at Sea focused on the importance of knowing what lies inside a USB device, highlighting that although it may seem small, there’s a high possibility of hiding major dangers that could easily affect a vessel’s operation. Avoid the use of USB sticks unless absolutely necessary and only use them where they have been firstly checked for a virus.

Totem Plus to implement cyber protection for shipboard equipment

Totem Plus signed a licence agreement with Naval Dome to include the latter’s maritime cyber security software into its automation and navigation systems. These systems are included in the hard drives of the equipment at the build stage before being delivered to the customers. All current operational Totem Plus systems will be automatically updated with Naval Dome when technicians perform software upgrades.

IACS: How to conduct proper software maintenance

IACS published 9 of its 12 recommendations on cyber safety, in order to enable the delivery of cyber resilient ships whose resilience can be maintained throughout their working lives. The first report recommends procedures for software maintenance of shipboard equipment and systems.


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