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US Navy advises to know the anatomy of a cyber intrusion

How to detect, prevent and resolve cyber persistent threats US Navy says that in order to improvecybersecurity and successfully detect, prevent and resolve cyber persistent threats, you need to understand important stages of how adversaries can compromise our defenses and recommends the following measures:Stage 1 ReconDuring cyber adversary work-up periods, adversaries learn about the vulnerabilities of their target. Prior to an incident, they will gather information about the targeted networks, their systems, personnel, logistics and warfighting capabilities. They will employ many techniques, but interacting with their targets online is often the easiest method due to the volume of freely accessible information posted to popular social networking, media and web sites. Well-known, highly successful techniques to gain initial network access include:*Social Engineering and Complacency - Adversaries rely on human interaction and are often successful due to their victims violating established security policies and procedures. Their goal is to get you to relax your vigilance to the point where you feel comfortable or compelled into surrendering personal or confidential information. This information could enable them to access sensitive data without your knowledge. Cyber criminals might trick you into visiting a webpage or plugging an unauthorized device (USB memory stick, CD/DVD, hard disk ...

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North P&I Club warns of a ‘raft’ of new shipping regulations on cyber risks

The North P&I Club says shipowners and operators should be prepared for a new 'raft' of regulations relating to cyber security. As well as compromising vessel safety, a lack of on-board firewalls and other cyber security measures could soon expose shipowners to heavy fines and penalties, according to an article co-authored with Clyde & Co partner Joe Walsh in the latest issue of the Club's loss prevention newsletter Signals.Norths deputy director of loss prevention Colin Gillespie says, The safe operation of ships is increasingly dependent on sophisticated electronic systems, so it is vital these systems are properly secured and protected from external risks. According to the Club, the US Coast Guards new cyber strategy also looks set to be a catalyst for new national and international regulations relating to cyber security on ships. The US Coast Guard published its cyber strategy in June this year in response to what it perceives is one of the most serious threats to US economic and national security interests, says Gillespie. The International Maritime Organization has also now recognised the threat to global maritime safety and commerce, and is expected to review industry guidelines at it maritime safety committee in May next year. Gillespie ...

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