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8 key tips on how to become cyber-resilient

Technology is proven to be a powerful tool for the shipping industry, boosting operations and easing the life of seafarers. Yet, as 2020 is a year of change preparing the industry for 2021’s big switch towards new cyber security measures, are you aware of the risks of digitalization and the knowledge needed to deal with a potential attack?

Toll Group shuts systems after ransomware attack

As a precautionary measure, in response to a cyber security incident on January 31st, Australian transport and logistics company Toll Group informed that it deliberately shut down a number of systems across multiple sites and business units.

Cyber-attack at UK marine engineering consultancy

According to a recent statement, the London Offshore Consultants (LOC) Group has recently been the victim of cyber-attacks. It is said that investigations are in still underway and are being led by the appointed cyber security experts.

Port of Ashdod trials cyber security system

Israel’s Port of Ashdod is to be equipped with critical OT systems to be protected from cyber security hacks, with Naval Dome responsible for retrofitting security installations in the first quarter of 2020. The tests will include traffic control systems (VTMS/VTS), berths, bridges, locks and gates, terminal cranes and storage facilities, and all access points and gateways.

ICTSI implements new port cyber security technology

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) announced that it will use a new technology for its business units in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas to protect thousands of end-points across its network. ICTSI will collaborate with BlackBerry Limited to use its BlackBerry Cylance technology.

Cyber security guidance for equipment manufacturers

Given cyber risks pose a great challenge to the shipping industry and the supply chain, ABS issued a Guide for suppliers to be able to manage cyber risks within their products, while also presents the requirements for equipment compliance, based on ABS’s ABS CyberSafety® program.

How to act smarter than a hacker

In its November edition of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea focuses on how to get ahead of the hackers, in light of the increasing cyber attacks; Security experts recommend shipowners to improve the training of their staff, making them able to rapidly identify fake emails and ensure they are ready to adapt to the IMO 2021 changes. 

Bureau Veritas launches two cyber notations

Bureau Veritas launches two new notations for cyber resilience, in light of the rapidly increasing digitalization and the dangers it behind it. The new technology, that is now shaping a new era for the shipping industry, has in the past caused major dysfunctions in shipping companies and vessels’ operations.

Companies can conduct simulation tests to see cyber security level

The Korean Register of Shipping provides an insight for companies to acknowledge the level of security they implement. Specifically, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing simulates a hacking attack to actively assess the level of security within an organization. 

Four cyber terms explained

The Korean Register of Shipping presents four cyber terms and provides an explanation, aiming to provide an insight to Internet users and companies to better understand the dangers of the cyber-world and be protected.


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